Knee Jerks

by Mike Stevens

Another stunningly-sad scene plays out on the T.V. screen.

Another mass-shooting, an evil-beyond-understanding scene.

But this one is different--terror comes to our shore,

with implications and consequences too hard to ignore.

A new chapter with which we have to contend.

one hard truth is coming, our days of it's happening somewhere else are at an end.

I hope I'm wrong, God, I hope I'm wrong--and so it'll begin,

the misguided retaliation against an entire religion, the wrong spin

will be given by a handful of idiots, who blame the entire for the few,

"We'll show them!" is what they'll say and, unfortunately, do.

They'll take it upon themselves to mete out a skewered justice,

against them all, even though the vast majority are blameless.

It's just human nature, I guess, to fear what we don't understand,

and there is no understanding the religious extremist's brand.

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