Cry For...

by Mike Stevens

You know, I hear a lot about 'the poor victim's', on the latest mass shooting,

but nothing about the true victims, the gun makers--lots of hooting

and hollering about how keeping the status quo is totally insane,

and every day--err--time this happens, people get gun control on the brain.

Well, damn it, I've had it--it's about time somebody speaks out,

and I'm not going to whisper, no, I'm going to shout!

We need those automatic weapons to protect our families.

We need those rocket launchers to repel big brother, you'll see.

'A well-regulated militia' should mean no rules at all.

No common-sense gun laws, or mankind will fall.

Me and my Uzi are the only thing preventing some bad shit.

And if we clamp down, even a little, gun-maker's profits will take a hit.

So I urge you to write your congressman, and say 'no, no, no!',

cause taking away my right to kill and maim innocents would really blow!

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