Stat 'Hump Day' With a Bang!

by Mike Stevens

Title should be START 'Hump Day With a Bang! Won't let me edit the title!


Get a hold of yourself, dude, it's not what you think,

it's just I've got plenty of legalized speed to drink.

Yes, that 'Nectar-O-The-Gods' is my reason for getting up,

cause I've got a little brown sunshine in my cup.

At least I will have, as soon as I make some and pour.

That first sip is heavenly, and then I'll have more.

I'll feel the rush in the orb on the end of my neck.

But, have too much, and I'll become a physical wreck.

So it's a balancing act between too little and too much.

Have too little, and my head still scrapes the floor and such.

Overdo, and paranoia fills the day with dread.

Too little, and I long to just return again to bed.

Have that extra 5 cups, and babble like I'm want to do.

It's always a battle between too hyper, and feeling blue

So, get just the right amount flowing through your veins.

Perfection, and I won't have to lift my head with a crane.

Today is 'Hump Day', and I'll start it with a bang.

Coffee is crucial, whether sober as a judge, or fighting an overhang!

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