Soulmate in the Midnight Darkness

by Christine Buckley

Soulmate in the Midnight Darkness

(completed) by Christine Buckley

Chapter one

It was 6:07 p.m. on the dot and I had been sitting in my room reading for the past three hours. I heard something crash against the wall outside of my room. I then heard my father, Arian, yell something at my mother, Janette. Something crashed again. I sighed and put the bookmark in my book and then placed it on the shelf above my head. I crept over and opened my bedroom door to see a broken picture frame in shards at my feet. It was the picture of the vacation to Hawaii that we had gone onto. This was before the fighting had started, back when we were just an average, happy family. That was before my elder brother, Jace had died. Everything had gone downhill from there. Mom had slumped into a deep depression and dad, well theres not much you can say about that; he blames mom. It wasnt her fault, she wasnt even there when it happened; but I was, I saw the whole thing.

~back to that night....

It wasnt more than three months ago that this had happened. We were on our way back from a party at Jaces girlfriends house. It was me, Jace, Richi, and Adrian. We were in the car jamming to music that was playing on the radio. It was real foggy out; it had been raining all night. We stopped at Adrians house first. He waved goodbye as he got out. We backed out of his driveway and headed for Richis next. We turned into his driveway and let him out.

All right Raven, what do you say we go and get some smoothies before we head home? Jace asked me.

Sure. I mumbled. Looking out the window, I saw a few cars pass. Not many people were out on a Sunday night. We got to Sandys Smoothies and turned in. We went through the drive-thru; I got a chocolate shake and Jace got a mango smoothie. He started to pull away from Sandys when some idiot backed out in front of him, causing him to spill his smoothie in his lap.

What the hell! Jace yelled at the driver in front of us. He bent down and reached for the glove compartment for the napkins. He looked back up and I saw him try and reach for the door, I thought he was going to yell at the driver, but the driver was looking over to the side of the car, yelling something. Ash was yelling something at me but I never got the chance to hear it; all I felt then was a sudden pain.

I awoke in a brightly lit, white room. I looked to my left and noticed my favorite flowers (moon lilies) sitting in a vase of water. They were in full bloom so it must have been night outside. I looked to my right to see my mother lying against the bed. She looked exhausted, I wondered why she was here. I then noticed that I wasnt in my room. I was in a hospital room. I looked down at my arm, there was an IV coming from it, leading to a drip. I examined myself; I didnt seem to have anything broken. Sure I was a little sore and had some scratches, but that was about it. Why was I in here? What had happened...

Janette stirred and sat up abruptly.

Raven... she whispered, as if in a dream. Raven! Arian come quick, shes awake! she yelled towards an open door, leading to somewhere in the hospital. My father walked in and about collapsed when he saw me.

Oh hunny, thank god youre awake; we thought you werent going to wake up. I looked between the two of them, confused. You have been in a coma for four weeks. Do you know where you are? a hospital?

Do you remember anything that happened? Janette asked. I remembered coming home from the party with Jace and then stopping at Sandys for smoothies.

We stopped at Sandys after the party and got smoothies, someone pulled out in front of Jace and made him spill his smoothie in his lap. He got out of the car and I couldnt remember what happened after that, everything from there on was blurry.

Do not push yourself, you dont remember right-

Wheres Jace? I asked, looking at my father. I looked over at my mother and saw her face fall, she started to cry.

Wheres Jace. I said a little more forcibly, sitting up.

Raven, Jace was in the car with you, when the truck hit you.

Truck? What truck; I dont understand, there wasnt a truck! Just the car in front of us.

No, the guy that cut out in front of you saw the whole thing. He was the one who reported it. He accidentally cut you off, and then the truck behind you couldnt stop in time. He rammed the back of the car.

Jace... I said, putting a hand over my mouth, sobbing.

Jace, didnt make it. my father said, putting his head in his hands.


I heard a chair fall over, it knocked me back into reality, away from the horrible memory. I noticed my mother sitting on the couch. I threw the pieces of glass in the trash. My father blamed her for Jaces death because she was the one who let us go to the party. I grabbed my phone and ran out of the house, ignoring my mothers shouts of protest. I ran down to the river, it was a place where I could just get away from everything.

Fog had just started to roll in with the breeze of twilight. The eeriness of the docks at night had never bothered me before, but something about tonight was different. I walked over and sat down on one of the plastic chairs.


I about jumped out of my skin. I immediately put a hand to my back pocket, it was just my phone. I let out a breath that I hadnt even realized I had been holding. My mom had sent me a text saying Come back home, we wont yell anymore.

Not likely, I said aloud. I flipped my phone open and texted back, be home later. I needed some quiet time, to be by myself. I need to get my nerves under control, jumping over a stupid pho-

Something splashed in the water across from the dock. I got up and went to the edge of the dock, trying to get a better view of whatever it had been. I saw a duck gliding across the water.

Okay this was getting pathetic. I was just a tad bit too jumpy for my own good. I decided that I was going to go down to the lower part of the river and skip rocks. As I turned around I bumped into a large form and fell over. I backed myself up against the railing and looked up. He had long black hair with grey streaks down to his shoulders. His eyes were grey with a burst of blue in them. He looked to be around my age; somewhere near seventeen or eighteen.

Im sorry, I didnt mean to startle you. he said bending down, stretching a hand out to help me up.

I can get up just fine by myself thank you. I said pushing myself up from the ground, embarrassed.

Okay. he said, standing back up. He put his hands up as if to say I mean no harm.

Well? I asked.


Who are you?

Oh! My name is Ash, I just moved into one of the river lots down here; and again Im sorry, I didnt mean to startle you.

Its fine. Well, I should be getting back now. See ya. I didnt trust this guy at all. There was something off about him. I turned around and started walking away.

Wait. he said, grabbing my arm. Suspicions confirmed, I tried to yank my arm away but his grip only tightened. He wasnt letting go.

Let go of me. I said, meeting my hazel eyes with his grey.

Im not going to hurt you. he said.

I scoffed. Yeah right! Im sure Jack the Ripper said that to his victims too. I yelled at him. Im pretty sure I could get a good kick in and make a run for it.

I wouldnt try that if I were you. he said.

Try what? I asked. what the hell?

Kicking me; it would only hurt you. he said, the smirk on his face growing.

Would you cut that out! I yelled at him.

Cut what out? he asked. Oh as if he didnt know.

You very well know what Im talking about. Stop it with all the mind reading crap. Oh, and you are not very good at hiding what you are. I said.

Hmm...really? You think you know what I am? he got this creepy look in his eyes. Okay, go ahead guess, but I was telling you the truth when I said that I would not harm you. I promise. Now, go ahead...

guess what I am.

Chapter two

There was a long, dramatic pause before I gave him my answer. I sat there thinking of a way to say it. What if I was wrong, and he wasnt a vampire? He would think I was weird for saying it. Then again, what if I was right? Ah well, hell with it. Whats the worst that could happen? I swallowed what nervousness I had left and looked up at him, putting on a poker face.

Vampire I said, proud that my voice did not portray my fear.

He didnt answer at first. He was looking at me; he seemed surprised at my answer. Oh no, was I wrong? He must think Im a complete freak.

You must know a lot about vampires for you to have figured that one out. He said, taking a step towards me.

Oh, um...Ive done my research. I said, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible. I took a step back.

Theres no need to be frightened, Im not going to harm you. Its a good thing youve done research; now I dont have to explain why it is that I am here.

The only reason that I know of for a vampire to search out a human is for a meal... oh no.

What do you mean?

I told you that I would not harm you; its not for what youre thinking. He seemed frustrated by my fear. If not that, then what could he possibly want from me? I looked down at my watch nervously. Oh no, Im past curfew!

Can we talk about this some other time? My dads going to freak if

Im not home soon. It was nice to meet you. Dont worry, I wont tell anyone your secret. I was already walking away, but something made me stop. I turned around.

Will I ever see you again? For reasons that I could not explain, I had to see him again. I had wanted to meet a vampire since I was little and finally, its happening and the only thing standing between me and him was a stupid curfew.

I looked up and he said, Sooner than you think my dear. he said, nodding his head slightly. I laughed, and then, just as quickly as hed appeared, he was gone. I starred at the spot that the mysterious man had just occupied for a little longer before realizing what time it was. I started walking up the street lamp illuminated road. It had gotten dark. Now, being alone a shiver ran down my spine. I hated walking alone outside, in the dark. I heard something rustle in the bushes beside me. I took off, running up the hill, i ran until I reached the driveway. I stopped, in an attempt to even out my ragged breaths. I tried to slip inside quietly so as not to be noticed. Unfortunately, luck was not on my side tonight. The door hinges creaked in protest as I opened the front door. I knew I was more than a little late and was going to have to think fast in order to get out of this one.

Dad was standing in the kitchen. Where have you been? He asked me, anger and worry etched into the lines of his forehead.

I lost track of time; it wont happen again. I lied.

Just be sure to be home before it gets dark next time. His face visibly relaxed. I got off easy and I knew, before he could question me further I hurriedly bid him a goodnight.

Goodnight. he called as I rushed up the steps to my room. Once I reached my bedroom, I flung the door shut and made certain it was securely closed behind me. I walked over to my window to find it slightly cracked, there was a piece of paper on the window seat. I opened the note and it read see you soon. Was it Ash who had left the note? I opened the window and stuck my head out. I looked down below, thinking maybe he was hiding in the bushes; There was no one there. I climbed out onto the roof and looked on top of the house. There was no one there either. He must have left the note before I got home. I climbed back in, shutting and locking the window. I closed the curtains and sat down on the window seat, releasing a long and tired sigh. I wasnt sure that tonights events were real. What if I had imagined the whole thing? What if he was some psycho recently escaped from the ward? How did he get into my room to leave the note? These thoughts clouded my mind as I sat there, trying to distinguish reality from fantasy. A yawn escaped my lips and I remembered that I had class in the morning. I pushed myself up from the floor and flopped unto my bed. Almost immediately my mind succumbed to the wonders of sleep, which I accepted gratefully. But even in my dreams I couldnt escape that wonderful face of the mysterious boy...named Ash.

Chapter Three

I woke up the next morning, the sun shining in through the blinds. I sat up and stretched, the events of the past night far from my mind. I got out of bed and walked over to my window seat. I pulled the curtains open and stared out at the view, it was raining. I went over to my dresser and pulled out a blue plaid mini skirt, black, ripped leggings and a blue corset with black lace. I walked over to the closet and pulled out a pair of black and white Chuck Taylors. I sat the outfit on the bed and went into the hall. I opened the hall closet and grabbed a towel. I then went and took a shower. When i got out of the shower mom was still in bed. Guess she forgot to wake me up, oh well.

I went and got dressed, grabbed my things and walked out the door. When I walked outside it was still dark outside. I put my headphones on and walked up to the bus stop. The song, 10 Thousand Fists by Disturbed came on. I got up there and sat on the stump. I saw headlights approach, it wasnt the bus, just a random car. After the car passed I had to readjust my eyes to the darkness. I thought i saw someone standing by the road sign. Once my eyes had fully adjusted, i realized that i was just my eyes playing tricks on me. The bus pulled up a few minutes later. When I got on the bus you wouldnt believe who was sitting in my guessed it, Ash. So Im not going crazy, he is real. I shook myself out of my reverie and embarrassed that I had just been standing there, went and sat down beside him.

What the hell are you doing here? I asked him. He looked at me incredulously, as if the answer were obvious.

Well, arent we in an effervesce mood this morning? I need to go to school, Im technically still nineteen. he said smiling.

Well, I guess the way, just out of curiosity, did you leave a note on my window sill last night?

No, he looked at me confused. I sat there, staring forward for a few stops.

Whats your schedule? I asked for conversations sake. He pulled a little white piece of paper from out of his pocket.

I have Health for first period. Second period I have Small Animal Care and Management. Third period is Algebra One. Fourth I have P.E. Fifth period I have lunch B. Sixth period is Physical Science and ninth period is English. He looked up at me from his schedule. Whats wrong? he said seeing the surprised look on my face.

Did you use compulsion on the secretary or something? he shrugged. You have the exact same schedule as me! I said.

Maybe I did, maybe I didnt. he said playfully, a mischievous grin on his face.

You do know that if they figured that out, than they could also figure out that youre a vampire! I said accusingly.

Yeah, theyre not that smart. he said laughing at the unsaid joke.

Hey, dont be rude! You dont even know-

Hey, Elvira. What are you doing out in the daylight? My scolding was cut short from a voice from the seat behind us, a voice that I despise almost as much as its owner.

What do you want, Cody? I spat his name out like a foul piece of meat.

Is he bothering you? Ash queried, wanting to protect me from anything bothersome.

Oh, is this your new boyfriend, Elvira? His guffaw rang through my ears, getting louder each time it played through my mind. Try not to scare this one away too, huh, Elvira? Another guffaw assaulted my ears, that annoying pestilence was enjoying my agony and it made my blood boil the longer I listened to it.

I am not her boyfriend. I am in fact the ruler of the underworld and she is one of my upper world minions, so i suggest you leave her be unless you wish to face my wrath. Ash stated in a calm voice with a small smile plastered on his face; but his tone while level and calm had a sinister undertone. Even though I knew he was joking, he was very convincing. At least convincing enough to fool an idiot. Cody immediately sat back down in his seat, quaking in his boots, looking straight ahead.

When Ash looked back at me, I smiled and mouthed thank you. He had saved me from loosing my temper and from further embarrassment by Cody. We sat in silence for a few moments before I spoke.

My name is Raven, by the way.

Im sorry?

My name, its Raven, I know you already knew it, but I just wanted to properly introduce myself, you know? When I finished my ramblings I finally looked up at him. He smiled down at me and held out his hand.

It is finally nice to meet you, Raven. I smiled at the gesture and shook his hand, blushing slightly.

Its nice to meet you too Ash. I chuckled. I looked up and realized that we were no longer moving. Oh, were here.

Thats a long bus ride! he said.

Not really, time flies when youre having fun. I said, walking off the bus.

Chapter four

We walked into the school. So if you werent the one who left the note then who did? I asked him.

Im not sure, I didnt leave it. What did it say?

It said see you soon. So I automatically thought it was you, I found it when I walked up to my window seat. The window was cracked open. I looked on the roof and in the yard but no one was there, so I went in and shut and locked the window.

Was that the only strange thing that happened last night?

No actually, when I was walking home after talking with you, I thought I heard something in the woods and then this morning I could have sworn I saw someone standing by the tree sign but when I looked again, no one was there. where do we go now? he asked, completely brushing off the conversation. I sped up my pace and stepped in front of him.

Do you know something? What arent you telling me. I said putting my hands on his chest to make him stop walking.

No, I dont know anything. he said looking down at me. My hands slid from his chest in defeat.

Fine. Well, I usually just go to the library until the bell rings to go to first period.

Alright, sounds fun. he said, following me as I walked into the library. Once in the library I saw Ashley and Amanda talking at one of the many tables, Susan and Chaten were talking by the Science Fiction aisles, and Chalen was walking towards me.

Hey Chalen.

Hey he said, giving me a hug. He stepped back, You okay? You look tired.

Guess I didnt get much sleep last night. I laughed nervously.

So whos your new friend? he said nodding his head.

This is Ash, Ash this is Chalen.

Hey, they said to each other. The three of us walked over towards Amanda and Ashley.

When we got closer I noticed Amanda tense up and look away, Id have to talk to her later.

Amanda! I walked over and gave her a hug from behind. I whispered in her ear Ill tell you later. she gave me a wary look but nodded. I introduced everyone to Ash.

When the bell rang, we walked outside to go to Health.

First period is Health with Mr. Grace, Ashley is in that class too. Are you sure you dont know who left the note?

Okay and again, no. he said.

I walked up to Mr. Grace, This is Ash, hes new, where can he sit? I asked.

Well, hello Ash. Lets see, you can sit behind Ashley. he said, then walked off to go write something up on the board. We walked over to our seats and sat down, waiting for class to commence. I turned around to Ash.

And that wasnt you at the bus stop? I asked.

Nope, not me. I groaned in frustration and turned back around.

Hey Ashley.

Hey she greeted, then looked over at Ash. So howd you two meet?

Neighbors he said.

river I looked over at him with a scowl. You know the lots down by the river? she nodded. It turns out that one of them was for sale. Well, he bought it so now I have a new neighbor. I said smiling. Hoping my cover up was good enough.

Its about time someone bought one! She said brightly.

I know right.

Yeah. we talked about random stuff, ignoring poor Mr. Grace until the bell rang, dismissing us from class.

Ill see you later Ashley. I said waving bye. Me and Ash walked back up the wooden steps. We met Amanda by the doors that led to the cafeteria and walked to the AG building together. I could feel Amanda staring daggers at Ash the whole way there.

This teachers name is Mr. Lewis, hes usually in here for the first five minutes of class and then he leaves to go and do something. The most we do is vocabulary, its pretty easy as long as you do the work. I said as we sat down.

I turned to Amanda, You met Ash this morning right?

Yeah. she didnt seem to happy about it either. I scooted closer so only we could hear what the other was saying.

Im sure you already know from the look youve been giving him. Hes a vampire! I whispered. Ash put a hand on my shoulder.

Raven... Ash warned, mad that I had revealed his secret to someone.

Ash, its okay, she isnt human. I comforted. Amanda is the Devils Angel, Im her self-proclaimed guardian. If anything or anyone were to try and harm her, I would attempt to protect her. To the best of my ability that is.

Oh, um... nice to meet you. Ash said, extending his hand across me to Amanda. I think we left him speechless.

You too. Amanda said taking his hand. They talked and explained themselves to each other, finding that they had more in common than they had thought. I just sat there and listened, it was actually quite fascinating. The bell rang, interrupting my silent fascination and Amandas story. I walked out into the hallway.

So what do you think? I bet you werent expecting that. I said, on our way to Algebra One.

Definitely not, so whats the next class? he asked.

Algebra One, but we wont get to talk much in this class. Mrs. Haughsrath is stricter on the no talking policy then the other teachers. I said as we sat down.

After that dreaded period we walked to the gym.

You probably wont have to dress, seeing that its your first day here. That, and well probably have a free day. I walked over to Mr. See. Hello Mr. See, this is Ash. Hes new here, and I was wondering what we were going to do today.

Hello Ash, and we will most likely have a free day today. he said after some thought. He blew his whistle Alright, line up everyone. he yelled.

What are we doing? Ash asked.

Hes taking attendance.

After he took attendance, we trickled into the equipment room where I kidnaped a volleyball. I walked over to the corner by the doors and turned around to face Ash. I hit the volleyball to him and he spiked it back so hard above the door that it bounced back on the other side of the room.

I looked at him in shock. ...maybe just a tad bit easier. I said as I walked by him to go to retrieve the ball.

Sorry. he said with a sheepish grin on his face. I looked around, no one had seemed to notice what he did so I think were in the clear. We spent the whole period hitting it back and forth that by the time we were done my arms were as red as cherries, literally! Luckily, next was my favorite period...lunch.

Chapter five

We walked out of the gym into the hallway. We were one of the last ones to walk out of the gym because Mr. See had to give Ash some kind of form. We were walking by the glass windows that look into the cafeteria, both lines were long.

I sighed. Which side do you want? I asked., I dont actually eat. he said.

Alright, then we can just go down to the library. I said as we walked down the steps. Ill introduce you to everyone. I pushed open the double doors that led to the library. I walked over to Mrs. Kennys desk.

Hi Mrs. Kenny, this is Ash.

Hello Ash, be sure to sign in, okay?

Alright, we will. we said as we scrolled our names on the sign in sheet. Once Ash had finished writing his name, I turned him around and scanned the library for my group of friends. They were at the back table, I navigated him over there and sat down.

Hey guys. I said.

Hey they said, then turned to stare at Ash.

Oh! Sorry, this is Ash. Hes new but he will be down here with us from now on, okay? I said, not really looking for an answer. This is Kodi, Susan, Shayla, Billy, and you met Chalen this morning. I said introducing them.



Riveting conversation guys, really. I said sardonically. They laughed, which finally broke the ice. I walked over to the book shelf and pulled down the board game apples to apples. I walked back over to the table. Hey, want to play? I said holding up the board game.

I will! Kodi said. Everyone else said the wanted to play also.

How do you play? Ash asked.

Youve never played before? I said kind of disappointed.


Then Ill teach you. I smiled. Okay Ill be the judge I opened the box and got out the green cards and made a pile and then I made a pile of red cards.

Okay, everyone gets seven red apple cards. I said as I dealt them.

Once all the cards are dealt the judge, thats me, picks up a green card and puts it face up on the table. Look at your hand and try and find a card that would go best with the card on the table. The slowest person, meaning the last person to try and put a card down does not get to put a card down this turn. Everyone looked at their cards. Billy was the first to lay his card down. then Shayla, Ash, Kodi, and since Susan was last she doesnt get to put a card down. I gathered up all of the cards. I looked through all of them and picked my favorite among the bunch. I held the card up; it turned out to be Kodis. I handed her the green card.

Thats pretty much all there is to it. Do you understand it? I asked Ash.

Yeah, its fun. We played until the bell rang, then Ash and I separated for the first and only time today. He went to German and I went to band. I walked down the hallway and saw Kristen at her locker.

Hey Kristen. I said, walking up to her.

Hey, who was that guy sitting next to you on the bus this morning? she asked, putting books in her locker.

Thats Ash, hes our new neighbor. He bought one of the lots down at the river. How he got on the bus before us I have no idea.

She grabbed a book and put it in her bag. Oh, I see. Cool. Well, my class is this way, Ill talk to you later. she said pointing towards the door that led to the stairwell leading to the science wing.

Alright, see you after school. I walked up the stairs and into the band room. I walked over and sat my stuff by my chair. I went and got my flute out of my band locker and grabbed a stand off of the stand rack. I sat back down and got my flute out. We warmed up and started practicing the music for adjudication. Before I knew it, the bell had rung. That class always seems to go by so fast. I put my flute and stand away and met up with Ash again and we walked to seventh period.

So how was band? he asked as we sat down.

Good, were just practicing the music for adjudication.

Adjudication, whats that? he asked.

We go to another high school, usually Mussulmen. From there we go into their band room to practice one last time. Then were escorted to their auditorium. There are three judges that give us one score each. They can either give us a one, two, or three; one being the highest and three being the lowest. Last year we got two ones and a two.

Thats great!

Yeah it is.

Lark sat down. Hey Raven.

Hey Lark, this is Ash, hes my new neighbor.

Thats cool. I didnt think any houses were for sale over there.

There arent, its one of the river lots. I explained.

Oh. So last night I finally finished my drawing of the tree with the eye.

Thats cool, youll have to show it to me the next time I come over. I said.


Hey, can I listen to your mp3 player?

The batteries are almost dead, Im going to listen to it on the bus ride home, sorry. she said, smiling sheepishly.

Thats fine.

When the bell rang to go to eighth period, I said goodbye to Lark and then walked into the English room with Ash.

So what do you think of the school? I said, taking the seat next to him.

I like it, all of your friends seem nice.

They are.

We really didnt do much in this period, except watch a movie. When the bell rang everyone bolted from their seats and ran to their busses. We got on the bus and sat down. After everyone was on the bus we pulled away from the school. We didnt talk much on the bus ride home, I could feel myself falling asleep. The bus stopped and I awoke with a jolt. I had fallen asleep and landed on Ashs shoulder. I gathered my stuff quickly and got off the bus. Ash got off the bus smiling.


Nothing. he said looking away.

No, tell me. I said.

Fine. Youre cute when you sleep.

I blushed. Kristen stepped off the bus.

Hey guys.

Hey Kristen, this is Ash. The one I mentioned this morning.

Oh, hey. she said smiling.

Hey he said, returning the smile.

When I got down to my house I parted ways. Kristen went to her house and Ash went to his. Later that evening I put on my bathing suit and walked down to the river. Ash was sitting on the picnic table when I got down there. On the way down I had stopped by Kristens house and grabbed two fishing poles.

Hey Raven.

Hey, want to go fishing?

Sure. I walked over to the docks and sat my pole and tackle box on the bench. I went over to the edge of the dock and started digging for worms. When I felt like I had enough worms I walked back over and sat them on the railing. I cut one in half and put it on the hook.

Could you stand to the side a bit? I dont want to hit you with this. I said. He scooted over a little bit. I held the pole back and cast it.

Nice cast. he said coming up behind me. He put his arms around me and my stomach just about plummeted to the floor. I could feel my face turn red. I suddenly felt a little bite on my pole. I reeled it in a little bit, when the fish bit again it got caught on the hook and I reeled it in. It turned out to be a little sunfish.

So are we going to fry him up and eat him? he asked.

NO! I said moving out from in front of him. I dont eat fish, I just like to catch them and then let them go. I feel bad for them, actually.

He laughed. Oh, okay. I wont eat your friend. he said teasing.

Ha Ha. I said punching him jokingly in the arm.

chapter six

Want to go swimming? I asked.

I dont have a bathing suit.

You can go in what you have on. Your house is right there. I said.

Fine. he said laughing. He then started to walk towards me.

...what...Ash? No. Dont you dare! I yelled running away from him.

Ill go in, but youre going in first! he picked me up and started running towards the river. I pounded on his back.

Ash put me down!!! I screamed.

He ran over to the other side of the river, the deep end. He got over there so fast. The next thing I knew he threw me in. I came up sputtering and yelled No fair! he was laughing. He backed up to the tree.

Want to see something cool?

Sure, just hurry up and get in!

Watch this! he pushed off the tree and then I was alone. I started to panic.

Ash? I scanned the whole side of the river. Ash?! he-Ahh! I screamed and tried swimming to land.

Whoa..chill, its just me. Ash said laughing. he held me, sitting in his lap.

How did you do that? Where did you go? I asked.

I never went anywhere, I jumped across the river and then swam up behind you. he said.

You scared the shit out of me! I thought you left! I thought you were some giant fish trying to eat me! I said hitting him in the chest.

He laughed. Im not going to leave you, and Im definitely not a fish!

We swam until it got dark. We swam to the edge and got out of the water. It was freezing.

Here Ill go collect some fire wood so we can start a fire. Ash said.

Okay he disappeared into the woods. I started putting rocks into a circle to form the fire pit. I heard rustling sounds like the night before.

Ash? I said grabbing a rock and standing up.

The rustling continued and out stepped a wolf, I fell back terrified. Was I going to die?

Theres no reason to be afraid

I looked at the wolf and stood up.

Did Amanda send you? Turn into your human form. If Ash comes and sees you like this it wont be pretty.

I can not. The wolf said into my mind.

Why not?

I have no clothing. Yes, Amanda sent me. She was just checking up on you to make sure you were safe. She felt distress earlier. Are you okay?

Im fine, Ash was just playing around when we were swimming. There is no danger here so you can leave now.

I must speak with the immortal one as requested by Amanda

Well he wont talk to you like this, hell see you only as a threat. You can temporarily wear my clothing that I brought down earlier. I walked over to him ...would you mind if I petted your fur?

Not at all, Raven he laid down and I sat down beside him. I ran my fingers through his thick, auburn colored fur.

Its soft. I said. Here, let me get you the clothes. I walked over to where I had taken them off. I came back and set them at his feet then turned around to give him some privacy.

I look ridiculous. I heard from behind me.

I turned around to find a man with long auburn hair, jet black eyes and a huge grin on his face. I tried not to laugh, I failed. The shirt was way to small, as were the shorts.

Okay, take the shirt off and keep the shorts. He did as was told.

There, still funny but not as bad as before.

Thank you.

No problem, I never got your name? Hold on, let me guess Josh?

Nope, Im Justin. Good try though.

A minute later Ash walked out of the woods, carrying a giant pile of fire wood. Justin leapt up and went to help him.

Ash stopped and looked around the fire wood. Whos the man in girly shorts? he asked.

Hey! Justin protested.

What? Its true, you look ridiculous.

Okay enough chit chat. Ash Ill explain once you start the fire. I said.

He went over and started the fire. I went and sat down beside it, Ash took a seat next to mine and Justin sat across from us.

Ash, this is Justin. Hes one of Amandas guardians. Hes a wolf.

Ahh, that explains why hes wearing your clothes. he said.

He said he wanted to talk to you. So I said he had to be in human form in order to talk to you.

Okay so talk. Ash said.

The wolf packs have been acting weird lately. I havent seen them in a few weeks. I dont know why theyre hiding but it must be something big. Somethings going on and Im not exactly sure what. Have you heard anything on your end?

Nothing yet, but Ill keep my eyes open. Thanks for the heads up.

What do you mean by theyre not around, like around here? Were you around here last night?

No, why?

Well, something weird has been happening. I was walking up from the river last night and someone was following me. Then, when I got home I found a note on my window seat. I gave Ash a pointed look. Why would he leave that out?

What did it say? Justin asked.

See you soon.

Whats that supposed to mean?

I dont know.

Ill talk to Amanda. he said.


Justin got up Alright, well Im leaving now. Protect her well Ash, if anything harms her its on your head.

Dont worry, shell be fine with me.

Can you turn around?

Oh! Yeah. We turned around.

Alright its safe to turn around now. Justin spoke into my mind. I turned around. Justin had turned back into a wolf. He used his nose to nudge my shorts towards me.

Thanks. Well, I guess Ill see you around.

Goodbye He walked into the woods and disappeared. I put my clothes back on and Ash walked me back up to my house. Once home, I took a shower and went to bed.

Chapter seven

I sat up in a daze, my body covered in a cold sweat. The room was freezing. I slowly scanned the room. There was no one here, I noticed the window was open. Thats probably what woke me up. I pulled the covers aside and walked over to the window, the night breeze blew in, causing me to shiver. I remember the window being closed before I went to bed. I sat down on the window seat, I stood back up and looked down. There was another white piece of paper. I looked at it and this time it read always with you... I looked out the window and across the street. My night gown blowing in the wind. I slipped on my flip flops that sat by the door. I quietly opened the door and stepped out into the moon lit yard. I looked around the yard and started walking. I was at the edge of the woods now; my nightgown blowing in the wind causing my legs to form goose bumps.

I stepped into the woods. You would think it would be dark but the moons light was especially bright tonight so I could see everything as if it were daytime. I noticed the sound of music and I walked deeper into the woods. It was a soft kind of music, kind of like a midnight lullaby. I followed the sound of the music until I reached the place where I used to go sledding at.

Strange, whats someone doing up at this late an hour? Then again, I could be asking myself the same question.

The music had only gotten slightly louder. I loved the sound of the music, it was calming. I decided that I would let whoever was playing the mystical tune go undisturbed for a little while longer. I sat down on a log. I yawned. maybe ill just rest for a bit and listen to the pretty music I layed down on the log.

I sat up, the music was gone and I was in my bed. Had I dreamed I looked over at my alarm clock, it read 3:28 a.m. I climbed out of bed and walked over to my window seat. The window was closed but the note was still there. I needed sleep. Id have to deal with this in the morning. I made sure my window was locked and went back to sleep. I dreamed that I was back in the woods listening to the music. This time I followed the sound of the music to the source but when I got there the music stopped and there was a man standing there. His lips were moving but no sound came out. I looked closer. I gasped in horror as I realized what they were saying. He said, always with you.

Chapter eight.

I woke up the next morning to find Ash sitting next to me on my bed, he was holding the note I found last night.

Ugh, Ash? What are you doing here? I asked, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

Would you mind explaining what this is and where you went last night? he said, sitting the note on my lap.

I woke up last night and found this. Then I took a walk and came back.

Thats not what I saw.

What do you mean thats not what you saw? Thats what I remember!

Raven, you walked out of your house and into the woods. What were you even doing in the woods that late?

I heard music, so I followed it.

You layed down on a log, I didnt hear any music. Someone was trying to lure you in to kidnap you. They probably would have if i hadnt carried you back to your room. Anyway we have to leave, right now. The urgency in his voice was startling.

Why? Whats going on.

Get dressed, we have to go. he said again, still no explanation.

Im not going anywhere until you tell me whats going on! I looked over at my alarm clock. Its five in the morning! What would my parents think if I just up and left.

Listen, everyones lost it, they arent listening anymore. Go look outside, theyre reaking havoc as we speak! We have to get out of here! And about your parents...remember what happened to you last night? Well a few hours before, the same exact thing happened to them except they werent so lucky.

I got up and opened my curtains. Outside everything was on fire, burning...dying. How did I sleep through this

Theyre gone Raven, Im sorry. he tried to hug me but I pushed him off.

No! It cant be. I ran out of my bedroom to find that the whole house was just like outside.

I made it to where you wouldnt have to see any of it happen. I protected you and this house.

You couldnt protect my parents too?

By the time I got here, it was too late. Im lucky I got to you in time.


I have a car waiting for us outside, get dressed and meet me down there.

I nodded. I threw on a tee shirt, pants and sneakers. I walked out to the car that Ash had waiting and got in. He started driving; after a while I asked. Ash, where are we going?

Somewhere safe.

Wheres that?

Russia. he stated simply.

Russia?! I cant go to Russia, what are you, out of your mind?

We have to go somewhere where they wont find you, somewhere far away. I wont let them hurt you.

Wait whos them? The people that lured me into the woods?

No. They call themselves the Verdict, theyre the head vampire clan. They sent all of theses smaller magical beings here to reek havoc and kidnap you for them.

For a while I didnt say anything, and neither did he.

Can we pick someone up? I asked suddenly.

Like who?


I suppose so, where does she live?

See that road over there? I said pointing. go down that road and Ill tell you when to turn. he turned down the dirt road, passing by a few houses.

There its that one! I said pointing to a medium sized, white roofed, brick house. He pulled up and I jumped out of the car and ran up to the house.

Amanda, are you here? I yelled as I walked inside. No answer. Amanda? Hello, answer me! I yelled throughout the house. All I got back in return was an empty echo. I ran up to her bedroom and flung open the door.

Amanda? She wasnt in here either. The walls of her room were painted a deep red. She had a red carpet with a smaller fluffy, white rug by her bed. She had a desk in the right corner, and a cherry wood dresser. Her bed was a canopy style; the bed had a white bedspread and red pillows. The canopies overthrow was grey; the sheets under the blankets were black. She had a ceiling fan going on over head that was black wtih gold trimming on the edges. We had made a promise a long time ago; that if either one of us had gotten into any trouble, that we would write a note and stick it under the floor boards of the closet. I rushed to her closet and flung open the door. I bent down and moved a shoe box out of the way and began pulling up the boards, there was a note, it read;


I hope you get this note, I dont know what happened. Its like the whole other world has gone bizerk. I cant reach Jake or anyone, its like theyve all vanished. I couldnt get ahold of him last night either. There are people trying to get in my house. Theyre downstairs help! Ash walked into the room.

Raven, are you okay?

Ash, they have her... they have Amanda.

Chapter nine

Ash stopped walking and stared at me. I got up and walked over to him. Take me to them. I told him.


They wont have a chance to hurt her if I have a say in it. I grabbed him by the shirt. Take. Me. To. Them. I said.

Raven, theyre doing this because they know that you will come after her! They are using her as bait, they want you not her!

You think I havent figured that out already? I dont car-

I care! You arent strong enough, Im not going to allow this.

Who made you boss? If Im not strong enough then train me. I said, poking him in the chest.

The kind of training you need would take months. We dont have that kind of time, a week at the most before they decide what to do with her.

A week is plenty of time and youll be with me. I pointed out.

Theyre too strong Raven! Too strong for you, or me! He said grabbing my shoulders, making me look at him. With his words came a brief silence. He looked away and released my arms. After a moment of thought he spoke in a softer tone.

Raven... I looked up. Nevermind. Come, lets go. He said and walked out of the room.

When we got in the car he asked. How did you know the Devils Angel?

Its simple, weve known each other since elementary. She didnt tell me what she was until we got into high school, the ninth grade to be exact.

I see...

Ash, whats happening? What do you have to do with all of this?

Well, thats the complicated part; hopefully this doesnt confuse you even more. Its kind of a long story. he said looking at me.

Suddenly I have a lot of time on my hands, so talk away.

Alright, do you want the sugar coated version or the blunt version?

Go ahead and be blunt, everyone else has. I said laughing slightly.

Were soulmates, and thats why theyre after you; because apparently its wrong for a vampire to be with a human.

Whoa, do I even get a say in this? Who said we were together. I dont even know you! I said. was kind of an arranged thing.

An arranged thing? You mean like an arranged marriage?! I was mad, who was he to decide my fate!

Its not an arranged marriage. My mother decided this before she died. She didnt want me to be alone, she could see who people would end up with. She told me the day before she died, that she had seen me with you. Then she died, and I began my search for you. Somewhere along the way my brother, Elliot, found out about you and told our father, who then told the Verdict. They are the ones who are coming after you.

Why did Elliot tell your father?

Mom couldnt see him with anyone, so when he found out that I was destined to be with you, and he didnt have anyone, he got mad.


Exactly. we pulled up to an abandoned hotel. The whole town was abandoned.

Looks like the Verdict have been here too. Either they took them away or just killed them and left the body. he said getting out of the car and looking around.

Alright, what?

We are going to spend the night here. he said gesturing towards the hotel.

Why not sleep in the car?

Ive had to do that before, its very uncomfortable. I want you to get a lot of sleep, youll need it. he said opening the car door for me. I got out and started walking towards the hotel.

Where are you going? he asked.

Im going to try and find us a room. I said as I opened the front door. I went to one of the rooms and tried opening the door, it was locked. I went to the front desk in search of keys. I walked behind the desk and opened a few drawers. I was about to open another one when I noticed a shoe on the ground behind the desk. I went over and opened the door all the way. I screamed when I saw the dead man lying on the ground.

Raven, are you okay?! Ash came running into the room.

I am...but hes not. I said pointing to the dead man on the floor.

Raven, go outside and while I... just go outside until I come for you. he said.

...okay. I walked outside and leaned on the hood of the car. That shook me up a bit, I knew that everyone had either died or was taken, what did I expect? For all the bodies to just up and disappear? I guess in the back of my mind, I kind of did. I sat there, lost in my thoughts.


I turned around startled, there was a man standing at the end of the car. He had on jeans and a black hoodie. His hair was brown and he was a little bit shorter than Ash. I instantly knew something wasnt right, everyone human was supposed to be dead. *hes not human.*

Are you from the Verdict? I asked backing away.

He looked amused. He started walking towards me so I turned around and bolted for the door. I was just about to grab the handle when I felt hands wrap around my waist and grab me. I screamed and he covered my mouth with his hand.

Scream like that again and Ill kill you now. Got that? I nodded. Good. He spun me around, forcing me to look into his eyes. I started to get dizzy and then I passed out.

Chapter ten

I awoke and stood up, only to immediately sit back down. I put a hand to my forehead.

I got up to quick. I thought, trying to get my eyes to focus and my head to stop spinning.

Itll go away soon, here take these. I looked up and saw the man from earlier standing by the door. He walked up to me and held out his hand, it was a cup and two small pills in it.

If you take them, it will make the pain go away. he said.

Um, Im good.

Suit yourself. he said setting the cup and pills on a small table by the door.

Who are you and where am I?

I am Valerik and you are in Venus Falls.

Wheres that?

Thats not important right now. he started walking towards the door. Come, the master will see you now. you mean Elliot? I said almost laughing.

He didnt reply. He walked out of the room and started up the stairs, I followed him. When we got upstairs I was surprised to find that everything was medieval themed. We walked through what looked to be a ginormous living area. He opened a big door, I found that we were now in the dining room. At the end of the long table sat a boy about Ashs age. I looked over to Valerik.

This is the master? He had medium length black hair and bright blue eyes. I had to admit, he was handsome.

Please, have a seat. he gestured towards the seat next to him. I walked around the table and took a seat next to him. I looked back to see if Valerik was still there but he had gone somewhere else. We were alone now... awkward.

Hello my name is-

Elliot, yes your brother has talked about you oh so much. I said sarcastically with a smile. might as well have fun with this.

He did not look amused. Well, he can be quite talkative cant he? Anyways I assume that you already know why it is that you are here?

Well, that...I actually do not know. Why am I here Elliot? That is the question is it not? Is it because you dont want me and Ash to be together? But then kidnaping Amanda wouldnt make any sense. If you have me, why do you need her?

Because my sweet Raven, she is the Devils Angel. A lot of people would pay millions for her. That and kidnaping her mad it easier for me to find you.

What do you plan on doing with her? Sell her? Kill her for her power? Come on Elliot, what is it?

Well you certainly know a lot for a human dont are human...right? He asked confused for a second.

Sure, lets go with that. I said.

He leaned forward. Things will go much faster if you just tell me the truth Raven.

You think Im lying? Do you think I would be here or even know about you or Amanda? People tell me Im things but I know Im not what they tell me. To be honest, I dont know what I am.

I could tell you, but only if you do me a favor in return.

What is it you want anyway? Because honestly, I dont see the point behind all of this. I can see the jealousy part in-

I am not jealous! Must I remind you who you are in the presence of? My brother may let you boss him around but I sure as hell wont. You will respect me! Must I remind you of what I am?! Before I knew what was happening he had me pushed up against the wall. His knee in between my legs, my hands bound by his own. His teeth barely grazing my neck. A cold chill ran down my spine, I couldnt even speak. All I could do is stand there.

He let go of me and I fell to the floor. He had been the only thing holding me up. Now, Im going to go check on things. Valerik will lead you to your room, oh and dont try to escape. We wouldnt want one of the other vampires that lives here to find you, they wont hesitate to kill you. I nodded. Valerik! he called. Valerik walked into the room with a tray of tea in his hands. He set the tea on the table.

He walked over to us and bowed, Yes master?

Spoiled Prince I I thought just before I realized that he might be able to read minds too. Elliot turned around and walked up to me until he was just inches away from my face.

Dont EVER think you can talk to me like that! he smacked me across the face. My head hit against the wall, hard. Valerik walked over and helped me up. He then led me from the room, I got light headed while walking down the stairs and Valerik had to catch me before I fell. He picked me up and continued down the stairs, at some point I must have lost consciousness.

When I woke up, I was lying on what looked to be a cot. It was dark in the room; I heard a rustling sound in the corner. I scooted to the back of the cot, drawing my knees up to my chest.

Whos there? I demanded to the dark shape. It moved and stood up; it had a human girls figure.

Chapter eleven

....Amanda? I whispered. The figure turned around quickly and walked towards me, it stepped into the light that was coming from a small window, it was her.

Raven! Oh thank god it is you! she cried, knocking me down in a ginormous hug. Did you get my note?

Yeah, sorry about all this.

Its not your fault. she said.

It...kind of is.



She sighed. They didnt hurt you did they? I saw that man carry you in here. At the time I didnt know it was you.

Thats Valerik. I got thrown around a bit. Warning, dont piss off Elliot. I laughed. ...but Im okay. Im strong you know that. But hey, I dont know what hes planning to do, I couldnt get any information out of him. I called him a spoiled prince and he slapped me, I hit my head against the wall. Now Im here.

Thats horrible, wheres Ash?! she asked.

Im not sure, but if I know him, hes most likely on his way here as we speak...I hope.

Yeah well, I hope he hurries.

Did you call for me? I stood up startled. Ash was looking through the small window. Raven...your face, what happened? Did my brother do this to you?

Brother? Amanda asked.

Long story, Ill tell you some other time and I kind of deserved it. I said, laughing nervously.

He slapped her so hard she hit her head against the wall. Amanda told Ash.

Im going to get both of you out of here, dont worry. he grabbed hold of the bars and bent them easily.

Raven pick Amanda up and then Ill reach down and pick you up. I heard footsteps coming, they must have heard Ash.

Hurry! I hear someone coming! I said lifting Amanda up and giving her to Ash.

Hurry pull me up! I said reaching up to him.

Valerik walked up to the door. Whats-HEY STOP! he backed up, getting ready to break down the door that Amanda had blocked with a cot.

Raven! Hurry grab my hands. Ash yelled reaching for me. I almost had his hands when I was forcefully pulled back and thrown into a wall.

Raven! I heard Ash yell. I tried to stand back up, but I was kicked in the stomach.

Stay down. Valerik growled.

Ash! he jumped into the room through the window.

Get away from her! Ash said grabbing Valerik by the neck and throwing him across the room. He picked me up and ran towards the window. Amanda grab her! He handed me to her, he was almost through the window himself when Valerik grabbed him by the leg.

Im not done with you yet! he growled, pulling him back into the room.

Amanda! Get her out of here, run as fast as you can and hide, dont turn back. he yelled, pushing Valerik off of him.



she helped me up. Come on Raven, we have to get out of here.

But Ash! I said trying to go back.

He will be fine; we have to go now okay? Come on, run!

I took one more glance back at the small window, and then started running. We ran into the woods, we kept running until we got to the side of the mountain.

Now what? Amanda asked.

We have to hurry, it wont be long until Elliot finds out that we escaped. He will come for you. she nodded.

Lets go then. we started moving alongside the mountain, looking for an opening. We ran for a while until we finally found a small gap in the mountain.

Here? I said. Look, if we turn sideways we can fit. I started in, cobwebs clinging to my face. I cringed. I hope there arent any spiders on me!

The air cooled and the gap widened the further back we went. When we reached the end, I discovered a cave sort of place. It was strange, there we these green rocks, maybe crystals, that were glowing. They illuminated the small cave-like room. Amanda caught up.

Whoa. she looked around in awe. Where are we?

I dont know, we can sleep here until Ash comes for us. I said.

How will he know where we are?

Were soulmates or something like that. Hell find me somehow. I said, looking around the room. Now, lets get some sleep. we slept on the ground and Ash thought sleeping in the car was bad It wasnt the most comfortable place, but it would have to work for now.

Amanda fell asleep before I did. I sat up against the wall, watching her sleep. I heard a sound outside, I scooted against the wall, not all the way but just barely. Maybe its Ash. I poked my head out of the gap. I didnt see anyone so I walked all the way out.

Ash? I whispered. No answer, I turned around and bumped into someone. I looked up and it was Elliot. NO! I began running as fast as I could through the woods. I looked back but he wasnt there. Someone grabbed me from in front.

Elliot! he grabbed a hold of me tightly in his arms. He smelled of the forest. dont want to wake Amanda. his eyes turned red and I got really tired. I slumped and he caught me. The last thing I saw was him smiling down at me.

chapter twelve

I opened my eyes to see what looked to be stars. I sat up quickly, thinking that I was outside. I sighed, it was just the ceiling. The bed that I was in had a purple blanket, black sheets, and white pillows on it. This isnt my room, or my bed...where am I? I looked down to see what I was wearing, I was in jeans and a black tank top. I swung my feet over the side of the bed, the carpet was black and was soft on my bare feet. I went over to the window to look outside, I did not recognize anything.

Maybe I was kidnaped. Not only did I not know where I was, I could not remember anything at all. I walked over to the desk and picked up a vase. I stood behind the door. The door opened and a man walked into the room.

I went to smash it over his head.

He turned around and grabbed the vase from out of my hands.

Whoa, Raven. Trying to kill me?

I looked at him confused. Do I know you?

You dont remember me?

No, should I

You should, but its okay if you dont. Raven, my name is Elliot, and Im your brother. You have amnesia, this room that youre in is yours. This is our house.

Where is our parents?

Our mother died recently and our father is away on a trip. its just us here? I asked.

We have others in the house, you can meet them some other time. Are you hungry? I can make you anything you want.

Ill decide what I want after I get dressed. I said as I walked into the closet. As soon as I walked into the closet I was disappointed by the style choice of clothes. I looked back at Elliot.

These are mine?

Of course. he gave me a weird look. is everything okay?

Its just...I dont like the style. I said smiling sheepishly.

oh, we can go buy new ones later if you want. Those are the clothes you liked before you lost your memory. I guess things change.

Shouldnt I like the same things?

Well go find something to where...what did you want to eat?

Can I have a chocolate shake? I dont know why, but I had a sudden craving for one.

Sure, Ill go fix it while you get dressed.

Okay I said as I looked through the wardrobe.

I ended up picking a plain black shirt and jeans. I went over to the shoes. I picked up a pair of tennis shoes and tried them on. They were too big. Somethings not right. My style may have changed but my shoe size hasnt. Weird. I walked out into the hallway in just my socks. There was a grand staircase leading to what I assumed was the living room.

When I got to the bottom I noticed a man sitting on the couch. The man jumped up suddenly and vanished. I felt something move behind me, I turned around quickly. The man jumped up suddenly and vanished. I felt something move behind me, I turned around quickly. The man was now in front of me, his eyes glowing red. He reached a hand out as if he were going to touch my face.

Edwinn. Elliot walked into the room. leave my sister alone.

Si- he turned around suddenly and left the room.

I looked over to Elliot.

What did you do to him? Who was that Elliot? Why were his eyes red?

Its okay, he isnt going to hurt you. He was just curious, that is my friend Edwinn. Hes....a vampire.

What?! Vampires are real??

Its okay, he will not bite you.

...okay, are there any other vampires here?

A few but they know better than to touch my little sister. he said putting his arm around me. Now, lets get you that chocolate milk shake. I went and sat down at the kitchen table; watching him as he made it. When he was done, he brought it over and sat it in front of me. I picked the cup up and took a sip.

This is really good! I said smiling.

Im glad you think so he said handing me a napkin.

I blushed. Thanks I laughed. So what do you want to do after I finish my shake? I asked.

We could watch a movie he suggested.

Sounds fun, what movies do you have?

Here, come with me and Ill show you my collection. we walked back into the living room. I looked around, making sure that Edwinn wasnt in here again.

Dont worry, hes upstairs. he said as if reading my thoughts. Elliot walked over to a cabinet and opened it, revealing five shelves of dvds. I went over and started skimming the titles of the movies. I sighed and looked up at him.

Actually, can we take a walk?

Sure, I know of the perfect spot. I closed the cabinet and stood up.

Can you show me?

of course he opened the front door and I walked outside. I shielded my eyes with one hand.

Its so bright. I said squinting. When my eyes adjusted to the brightness; all I saw was a field all the way up to the forest line. Do we live in the middle of nowhere? I asked, laughing nervously.

Basically, our mom wasnt social and dad didnt like being around others either. That and we cant have our vampire friends hurting anyone. he said. We were at the edge of the forest now.

I could hear birds chirping and the sound of water somewhere in the distance. As we walked further into the forest, the sun broke through the leaves. I looked up, the sun warm on my face.

chapter thirteen

Its really peaceful, Ill admit that. I sighed, grateful for the moment of peace. I continued walking towards what sounded like water, Elliot behind me. We got to a clearing; beside it, against the mountainside, there was a pond. Is it spring water?

I belive so I dipped my feet in the water, it was refreshing. I felt something nibbling at my toes. I looked down.

Look! There are little fish nibbling my toes! I smiled as one of them nibbled on my ankle.

Why do they do that? I asked.

I guess they think you taste good. he laughed.

Weird, want to head back now? I said drying off my feet in the grass. I stepped on something slimy and jumped, looking down I saw that it was a small frog.

Good thing I didnt step completely down. I picked the frog up and held it out to Elliot, he smiled.

I have one more place to show you, then we can head back, okay? Go put him in by the cat tails across the pond. I ran over and sat him gently on the ground. I looked back at Elliot. I saw him sitting at a long table and then again standing over me at night.

Wha- I blinked and he was in the same spot as before and it was still daytime.

He walked up to me. Are you okay? Maybe we should just head back, youre looking kind of pale.

Yeah, can we go back inside, theres something I want to see. his smile faltered, but only for a moment.

Sure when we got back I opened the door and walked inside.

Alright so we are in the living room, the kitchen is in the next room over, and the bedrooms are upstairs. Do we have a dining room? I asked.

Yes, why?

Just wondering, can I see it?

Sure he led me to a set of doors.

This looks familiar.

Well you do live here. he said giving me a smile that seemed fake.

True. he opened up the doors and I walked in, there was a long table. I saw Elliot sitting at the end of the table.

Elliot? I took a step towards the table. I felt a hand come down on my shoulder, I jumped and turned around.

Yes? I turned around and Elliot was still standing behind me. I looked back, there was no one sitting at the table.

But you were-

I was what?

Nothing, just a trick of the light I suppose.

You have had a rough week, maybe you should rest some more.

Maybe... I walked back upstairs and laid back in bed. Maybe I was just seeing things, but what was that I saw? Twice of him at that table, and then one of him outside. I fell asleep trying to figure it out.

Elliot was standing over me, eyes glowing red.

Shh...we wouldnt want to wake Amanda... I sat up, drenched in sweat. Elliot came in the door.

Are you okay? I heard you scream. I swallowed. You-youre... Maybe it was just a dream. Elliot came and sat down beside of me.

Raven, you can ask me anything, are you okay?

Are you a vampire too? I asked. He looked down at his hand.

I am. I stood up. Im not going to hurt you.

Am I? he laughed.

No, you would know if you were. Go back to sleep and we will talk more about this in the morning. he said. He put his palm on my forehead. sleep I tried to stay awake, but I slipped into a deep sleep.

chapter fourteen

I opened my eyes. My head felt cloudy, I sat up slowly. I looked around the dark room. I slid off the bed and walked over to the bedroom door. I opened the door slowly and looked out into the hallway, it was dark and empty. I walked out of the room, the floor was cold on my bare feet. I shivered and wrapped my arms around myself. I walked back into the room and grabbed a purple blanket and wrapped it around my shoulders.

I decided that I was going to do some exploring of my own; without Elliot knowing. I shut my door and walked towards the right, since I already knew that the left would lead to downstairs. I didnt want to wake up anyone who might be sleeping in these rooms. I decided that I shouldnt opened any of the doors up here. I walked back the other way and down the stairs. I was now in the living room, all the lights were off. The only light was coming from a hallway that I hadnt noticed earlier. It was behind the stairs. I walked down it, looking around, making sure Elliot wasnt around. I didnt know what he would do if he caught me snooping around. I know its my house, but it just doesnt feel like home.

I turned a corner and bumped into someone Im sor- it wasnt Elliot, it was someone else. Im sorry. I said again.

Its quite alright, what are you doing up so late? the man asked., couldnt sleep.

I could always make you a cup of hot chocolate. he offered.

No thank you, Im just going to walk around a bit more until I get tired. Thank you though. I smiled and walked away.

Youre welcome, be careful. he said.

Thanks. I turned around but he was already gone.

I came to the end of the hallway to find a set of stairs leading to somewhere that I assumed was the basement. I started to walk down them.

Raven? I turned around to see Elliot leaning against the wall. I thought you were asleep.

I was, but I woke up. I gave him a knowing look.

What are you doing down here then? He took a step towards me.

I was just taking a walk. I took a step back only to feel air. I fell backwards, closing my eyes from my impending doom. I waited but the fall had stopped; I opened my eyes. Elliot had caught me.

Here, lets head back upstairs before you hurt yourself. he said, setting me back on my feet. He didnt let go of my waist.

I pulled away. He looked at me surprised. Whats down there? I asked.

Just storage.

Then I should be able to look right? I continued down the stairs. He caught my hand.

Not tonight, how about I show you the whole house in the morning? he said.

What if I want to see it now?

Raven...come upstairs with me. he said, looking me in the eyes.

I think Ill go watch a movie. I said walking past him, up the stairs.

Alright, he sighed. Ill go and make us some hot chocolate. he said defeated.

I smiled, glad that he hadnt forced me to go back upstairs.

He came back with a tray that had two cups of hot chocolate and mini marshmallows on a plate.

Thank you. I said picking up my cup. I blew on it, the steam momentarily fogging up my glasses. I took a tentative sip, hoping it wouldnt be hot.

Are you okay? Youve been acting strange ever since we were at the pond.

Im fine, just exhausted.

I thought you werent tired.

Its not physical exhaustion, its mental.

Oh. I see, well sleep can help that too.

Yeah... I met someone earlier.

Oh? Who was it? he asked.

Im not sure, he didnt say. I didnt get a good enough look at him. He had offered me hot chocolate too, but I turned him down.

I feel special then, for you to accept my offer.

No, I just didnt want to be around him any longer than I had to be. The people around here make me nervous.

Do I make you nervous? he asked.

No...youre fine. Its just the ones that I dont know.

Well, you know them, you just dont remember them. Ill re-introduce you to them. he said.


So how about that movie? I asked.

Ill put it inn he got up and opened the cabinet. He put in the movie Dracula from 1931.

Really? I laughed.

What? he said returning to his seat beside me.


About halfway through the movie I asked,

Can you turn into a bat?

He laughed, Ha ha, dont be ridiculous, thats only a myth.

What else is a myth. Its already obvious you can go out in the sunlight.

Well that is only if Ive, um, fed. he said looking sheepishly at me.

Its alright, Im not judging you. You can talk about stuff like that, it doesnt bother me.

He looked at me curiously. You have always been a strange one.


Nothing, Im kidding. Why dont you go to bed now.

I guess... I said through a yawn. I stood up.

Goodnight Elliot.

Goodnight, Raven.

Chapter fifteen

He watched me as I walked up the stairs. I got to my hallway. Oh great, now Ive forgotten which door is mine. I think its this one. I opened the door and found it wasnt mine. It was the room of the man that I had ran into downstairs. And he was sitting on the bed, watching me.

Oh! Im so sorry. I stammered closing the door. I turned around and he was leaning against the wall.

Whats the hurry? he asked.

How- stupid question I was just heading to bed, so if you will excuse me.I said walking past him.

Your room is that way. he pointed, a smirk on his face.

...right. I said, I could feel my face heat with embarrassment. I turned around and stood there looking at the doors. Still unsure of which door was actually mine.

Its the one on the left.

Right, thanks. I should remember my own room, I mean this is my house, haha.

Your house? he laughed. this isnt your house.

Yes it is. I said, turning around, confused.

are you sure? there was a crashing sound downstairs.

What was that? I said.

Go downstairs. I see your companions have finally arrived. Took them long enough. he said, returning to his door.

Goodbye for now, Raven. he shut his door. I could hear yelling downstairs.

Where is she? Elliot, so got help me; if youve done something to her I will kill you! I heard a man yell.

was he talking about me?

I ran downstairs to find a man holding Elliot up against the wall.

Elliot! I said running over and pushing the man off of him.

Who do you think you are? You have not right! I yelled at the man.

Raven, what are you talking about? he said looking hurt and confused.

You will not lay another hand on my brother.

Brother? he was breathing heavy, looking between me and Elliot. Raven...thatsnot...

Raven. I looked up at the top of the stairs. The man was sitting on the top step with an amused look on his face. Elliot is Ashs brother. You are Ashs girlfriend, you guys are soulmates. Elliot wiped your memory.

Wha- the door banged open and in came a girl with long brown curly hair, looking flustered with snowflakes in her hair. its snowing?! Wait. Focus Raven. I looked back at the girl. Wait. Thats Amanda! I rushed over to her and knocked her over. I was over top of her looking down at her.

What are you doing here? I looked into her eyes and all of a sudden memories came rushing back. I fell back holding my head.

Raven! Ash dropped Elliot and rushed over. Are you okay?

I looked up. ...Ash?

Yes, Raven. Its me, Ash.

I stood up and walked over to Elliot. I punched him in the face.

Ow! What was that for?! he said, rubbing his face.

How dare you try and manipulate me! I dont know what is going on with you and your brother, but I remember everything. Including what happened here and before I got here. I dont know what issue you have with Ash, but this is going to end now. I WILL not be a part of your petty jealousy issue. Either you make up now or so god help you I will kill you myself. Your mother would not have wanted this. Yes, she saw me with Ash. Maybe if she had not passed away, eventually she would have saw someone with you too. So stop being a spoiled brat just because you cant get what you want and make up.

Ash and Elliot just stared at me and then looked at each other.

NOW. I said.

But- I walked over and grabbed Elliot by the hair.

I know youre better than what you come off as. Ive spent a few days with you, and saw the real you not this asshole youre pretending to be. Apologize now. I said forcing him down to his knees.

He looked up at Ash and mumbled. Sorry.

What was that? I cant hear you. Louder!

Im sorry okay? Damn Ash, get your girlfriend off of me. I dont know what you see in this human. Im actually starting to think she isnt completely human anymore.

Thats because she isnt. Amanda spoke up.

Amanda, do you know what I am? I asked.

I do, but I refuse to tell you in the presence of vampires.

Amanda, you know I wouldnt do anything to harm her. Ash said.

You were planning on turning her into a vampire were you not? With what she is, if you did that then she would have been the strongest vampire in human history. Shes the last of her kind. They were all killed off a long time ago... or so we thought.

What is she... Elliot asked.

Shes an Oracle. Ash said.


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