Fading Glory

by Toy Lemmons

scene slowly fades dark. Prom is over. From an arial view, the camera watches the black Lamborghini limo stolls through empty New York traffic at 3:00am. The camera fades to dark black. The camera then focuses in the seniors inside. The back seat is dark, with a silver disco light twirling the night away. Everyone is smiling, laughing , and holding separate conversations. All are dresses in expensive prom clothing covered with confetti of vibrant colors. The girls' hair are luscious, and teeth are bright white, while the boys are comfortable with their white tuxedo shirts untucked and black bow-ties undone. Some are drinking bourbon from the bottles; Sofia hesitates to drink as Charles drinks the night away. Franchesca and Alexander swallow mints. Geoffrey lays his head back, eyes closed and smiling while Isabella giggles and whispers in his ear. A pause takes place

Let's be frank. We all have been the closest of friends, yet it is certain that we will never see each other again. And it's not because we specifically chose colleges that could not be more distant from each other. No, to quiet the pain, we have chosen a greater distance-- one of the mind. It is the distance between the excuse, the lie, we have chose and the truth we have forsaken.

Now let's be real. Sofia is pregnant with Charles' child; Alexander is hooked on pain killers still trying to recover from his breakup three years ago, and Franchesca is literally dying slowly inside from depression; Isabel is a prostitute on the weekend,Claire is narcissist, and Geoffrey is a murder.But let us live in this moment of decadent glory and extreme happiness together... forever. For it will soon become a nostalgic film of memory fading from our minds eye in a slow, perilous fall from grace. And when we have lost it all, and our long awaited ends can wait no more, let us, right before this moment can be remembered no more, remember what we can,and--most of all--accept what we could not accept then.

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