Noo Turning Back, Destiny Has Been Made!!

by Jeri Lynn Murphy

Many times in my life, God sent someone to share Christ with me. I thought, "Oh, I don't have time for this. Just let me be." I had my own ideas about eternity. I shut it all out. I thought in my final hour I would get my life

in order. Little did I know, I had no power.

I lived a very prosperous life, lots of

money,wealth and things. As I look back, I can see... I lived only for me. The needs around me I ignored. The little good I accomplished is not enough to record. Selfishness, greed,

and stubborness against God's Holy Word have brought me here for eternity. "My destiny has been made."

I'll never forget that day when horror gripped

my soul. Death was about to take me, down to a deep, deep hole. I was torminted day and night. There was no escape, no way out. Oh God, how could this happen to me? Why did I not

listen to those who tried to tell me about eternity. "My destiny had been made."

I could hear them coming for me. My soul

was filled with torment as I heard them call my name. They laughed as they carried me off to the eternal flames. How could this be?

My soul is filled with despair, and now there is no one to care.

"My distiny has been made."

I could feel myself falling, falling into

darkness. I could not stop what was happening. Why did I not listen? Now it is too late. I took the wrong path. There is no

way back! "My distiny has been made."

Darkness was everywhere. I could hear the

sound of crys of the people all around me. I kept falling, falling further and further into my own distiny. I thought for an instant I would have some peace, but the agaony never

ceased. In Hell there is ony sorrow, torment and great pain. There is no way to ever break those chains. "My destiny has been made."

I believed the lie that when I die, life

would just quit,and I would no longer exist. What a lie I have believed. There is now no relief for me. I am now in Hell for

eternity. The pain, the stench, my thirst in never quenched. My distiny has been made."

I see all my loved ones pass before me,

and I rememer their names. I yelled, "Please, won't someone reach them, for now I'm in Hell, this is what I have gained." I heard

the demons cry, "Now I have you. Soon they to will come. Your life is all over. All things are done." "My destiny has been made."

I leave you with this message. Now

listen loud and clear... "I've served my own purpose. Now it's up to you. Who will you serve, and what are you going to do?"


Jeri Lynn Murphy

Seasons of God Ministries

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