by Sonia Cheug

What is defintion ? ID comes in a shape or a passort .

It states who you are , what your doing and where you are going .

It is your entire life laid out in an unwritten book .

Just blank pages , waiting for a stamp of approval .

But who am I really ? And who are you ?

What would it be like if every single human being in the world , had a formal defintion stamped onto their heads ?

Would there be two check in desks , one for the good and one for the bad?

We all need to know who we are and why we became

this person .

Does calma REALLY exist ? Through every bad moment we have lived through. Are we really paying for our own past actions towards others ?

Defintion might not be who you really are .

It can be a way of life . A form of survival .

Shielding out an emotional pain or absense .

Running . Always running .

From food to food , person to person or place to place .

Defenition is the true person , who isnt afraid to face their own inner demons .

To tell the god honest truth and never lie .

It is the warrior , the gladiator and the fighter .

The End .

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