The Path of Magic

by Beth


Today we will turn our attention to the Path of Magic. The Path of Magic cannot actually be charted, evaluated or formulated due to the fact that magic takes a multiplicity of forms, can be generated from a complex level of sources, transmits itself in a variety of ways and is affected by the openness, orientation and receptivity of the recipient.

Quite honestly this is not an easy issue. Greater minds than mine have stated empirically that the Path of Magic is a tough nut to crack.

Although we can not resolve any of these issues, let us approach the Path of Magic together and see what we can see.

If you look at the simplicity side of magic, you see that there is a point A (the point of origin) and a point B (the moment of magic as felt by the recipient.) This path is often referred to as the

Direct Path of Magic (DPM)

For Example: There is a Disney Parade in the Magic Kingdom. Cinderella and Prince Charming are riding in their carriage. As they pass your viewpoint Cinderella smiles and blows you a kiss. You know the smile and the kiss were meant directly for you because you saw the look in Cinderella's eyes. This is an excellent example of the Direct Path of Magic. Cinderella is point A and you are Point B.

This simple Direct Path of Magic happens millions of times everyday at Walt Disney World. It is expected, and it occurs. The heightened frequency of the Direct Path of Magic in no way affects its quality. The Direct Path of Magic is special in every instance.

The scope of the Direct Path of Magic is intensified when point B comes to realize that Disney need not necessarily be part of the equation. Your newborn or toddler may smile at you and give you a kiss anywhere in Walt Disney World. This too in a very real sense is the Direct Path of Magic. One twinkle in your Sweetheart's eye cast in your direction is likewise substantive in evaluating this expanded Direct Path of Magic perspective.

What other areas of the Path of Magic can we investigate?

Laughter. Laughter also plays a great part in the Path of Magic. Laughter falls under the heading of the

Explosive Path of Magic (EPM)

We know with certainty that some magic comes from within and some magic comes from without. Regardless of the direction from which the magic comes, both literally can explode. In this case the event of the Path of Magic is not so much direct, as it is explosive. Meeting Mickey Mouse in the Judge's Tent is often so pervasive and wondrous that it literally explodes with laughter. Mickey Mouse is the most powerful magic Walt Disney World has to offer. There is magic everywhere you look, every Disney Character is magic, but Mickey is Mickey. To see him in a parade is an explosion of light. To be with him under any circumstance is a magical affirmation of the past and a welcome invitation to the joy of the future.

The Explosive Path of Magic touches the heart like lightning. Sometimes it may come softly, but when it hits, it's powerful and strong.

A third Path of magic that may be of benefit to review is the

Confetti Path of Magic (CPM)

In this instance magic is coming at you from so many directions, so beautifully and so relentlessly that it is impossible to define and differentiate what exactly is the definitive Path of Magic. It's like confetti, coming softly but with a strength and defiance and a passionate persuasiveness.

The SpectroMagic Parade is an example of the Confetti Path of Magic. No sooner does one glorious burst of magic and light come at you, than does another and another. There's no escape.

When confronted with the mystery of the Confetti Path of Magic, it is best just to relax and roll with it. Let the magic of Walt Disney World pound your very spirit into a world

of intense happiness, a world you may not always experience in your daily lives.

Obviously there are more advanced Paths of Magic that we could explore:

The Sideways Shimmy Path of Magic (SSPM)

The Under and Over Curve Path of Magic (UOCPM)

The 4 by 6 Shuffle Path of Magic (4/6 SPM)

And the ever popular Total Zap Path of Magic (TZPM) just to name a few.

One final word on why we study the Path of Magic. Consensus on why we study the Path of Magic in terms of clarification seems to point in two and only two directions:

1.We study the Path of Magic in order to understand and heighten the magical

moment itself, thereby potentially increasing the joy of the Path of Magic to the recipient.

2.We study the Path of Magic in order to expand and defract the perimeters

of the body of knowledge that comprises the very Path of Magic itself.

The Path of Magic helps cushion sweet, sweet Walt Disney World memories.

I've enjoyed working with you today. I hope that your preliminary review of the Path of Magic was pleasing to you as well. Should your future studies include Intermediate or Advanced Path of Magic, I'm confident our paths will cross again.


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