by Sonia Cheug

Julianna opens the sliding door to her balcony and pulls out a chair . She takes a seat and places her folded arms on the railing as she gazes into the night sky . Reminiscing over and old flame , a young man . Who once promised he would come back for her and never did . She sits sadly in her silence and looks further into sky ahead of her . Where the clouds are piling up and a moon is hiding . Darkness passes in front of her eyes , into the very depths of her stubborn heart .

Isolation is sitting behind the prison bars of her over empowering thoughts and memories. She gazes into the dark , thick clouds and asks

herself ,

" Where are my stars , my moon and sun ?"

Julianna looks into the corner of her eye and catches sight of a handsome lady bird . He gazes up at her and flies onto her right hand . She raises him up to her eyes as the both stare at each

other . He asks her to raise him up to her ear and whispers into it . She pulls away from him and smiles .

Both of them look up into the dark night and seconds past . The blackness swiftly turns into light , as Julianna's moon and sun reappears . Suddenly the sky is full of shooting stars . Flying left , right and centre . Both Julianna and her new found friend, gaze in amazement as the stars begin to fall down on both of them . Her lady bird begins to disappear and vanishes into thin air . She is left bewildered for a brief moment and a sudden stary dusk appears and slowly evolves into a figure of a man . A man who is no longer her ladybird but that of her best friend , lover , soldier and soul mate .

The End

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