Run Away With Me

by Sonia Cheug

Run away with me . Hold my hand and dont let go if it .

Let me lead you , through this impossible maze .

We will dance through this turbulant path and rejoice at the other end .

The music will sound like angels playing harps . A soothing tune will linger through out the stretches of the sky .

We will live and breath the same words and move like an ensemble of mechanics , in a power station .

Hold my hand and guide me through my blindness .

Help me , open up my eyes again . So I can see colours , shapes and sizes .

Let me hear your warm and loving kisses , as they breeze through my ears .

Dont be afriad . Paint all of your dreams for me .

I will show you the world .

I will guide you .

I will listen to you .

And I will love you .

The End .

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