***AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is very dark and centers around the abuse and rape of a young child. Though it does get better in the end, if you are extremely offended by these kind of things, I suggest you don't read. Thanks.***

Beneath the jet-black blanket we call the midnight sky, below a cracked ceiling, and underneath a coating of bitter tears, was a young girl near her preteen years. The average person would see this beautiful, light-haired child as a normal, everyday young one trying to get through the world.

Oh, how right they were. How wrong they are now.

Her body shook with silent sobs, of which the tragedy-stricken little girl struggled to keep in the deep pits of her throat.

Oh, how much it hurt.

Eyes nearly swelled closed with dark purple blotches, blood sprayed across her body, clothes sprawled along the floor, and a broken heart, she layed upon her soaking mattress. 'Someone take me, help me, do anything to save my life', she pleaded in her mind.

Oh, how much she begged.

Sirens, bright lights, people in white flood in, at her quiet commands. "She's critically injured, get her in, quickly!", a blurred woman calls.

Oh, how afraid she is.

Not so long after, the pre-adolescent girl finds herself in a room of flowers and sunlight. She wonders if this is Heaven. "Dear Laura, thank the sweet Lord you're okay!", a familiar voice sounded. Laura smiles, knowing the familiar voice as her mother.

Oh, how joyful both of them are.

Mother and daughter hug, kiss, cry and rejoice. "I'm so sorry, darling. For leaving you with such a horrible man. You never have to worry about him ever, ever again. I promise you."

Oh, how relieved Laura is.

After these events, dearest Laura is fixed, inside and out. The memories of that horrid night remain, but a new beginning rises above.

Oh, how much happiness she feels.

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