Hide Me

by Sonia Cheug

Hide me

Inside ....

Tall sky scrapers of Shanghai .

Egg shells.

Banana skins.

Pips belonging to apples .

Make up in handbags .

Staines on the carpet , made by red wine .

Paintings centred within gold frames.

Messy desk tops .

Old and filled up , address books .

Action packed comic books .

C.D. covers .

Rush hours.

Traffic lights .

Rain drops .

Snow balls .

Light bulbs .

Your eyes .

Like ...

A little creature , inside it's sea shell .

A slow trail , belonging to a snail .

A squirrel , when it's hibernating .

The alphabet in a book .

The numbers in your old maths book .

The dreams inside your head .

And a baby , inside it's mother's womb .

Hide me inside of a anyplace, where no man or woman has ever ventured into . Nor heard or witnessed , the phenomenon this world has to offer us .

The End .

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