by Arshavir Nazarian


Again he couldn't sleep. It's almost 4:30a.m and all those mixed up thoughts one after another reviewed in his mind until down. He got up and went to the kitchen. A cup of coffee would change the mood somehow. The entire home laid in hot summer's deep silence. The tic-tac of clock reminded him the presence of time. Since the day she left him with their only two years old son, all days passed like that; no beginning and no ending.

The pigeon's hoo-hoo voice was coming in to the kitchen from the open window. He lit a cigarette, took the stair way and went on the roof where his pigeons loft was. Early morning cool air refreshed his soul. Saw their master again, pigeons became exited. Before let the birds out of the loft, he checked all around to see if Wander returned or not. Wander was a two years old Tumbler pigeon and one of his best flyer; a nice pigeon with excellent flying record and performance in his credit. Now that was the nineth day after his disappearance and he still had the hope of his return. Any time one of his pigeons lost because of bad weather or predators catch, he became sad for a couple of hours; but the lost of Wander made him really upset and depress. There was a strong connection between him and his favorite pigeons, kind of devotion which had a long time root, started from early childhood.

The lost of Wander reminded his wife departure which made his bad mood worse. He didn't know where they were or what were they doing but their memory was always present like a vengeance ghost.

He approached to the loft. Pigeons became more exited. "My beautiful angels, are you ready for a long time fly? Hay Red-neck what is wrong with you? Look, weather is wonderful; don't make me disappointed on you. To day is your day. Get ready". He opened the door of the loft. The birds jump out of the loft eagerly. They new what was their master desire and waited for signal. He checked the flyers number, Thirty nine, twenty youngsters, ten cooks and nine hens. He took the flag; shake it in air and whistled. All the pigeons took of together with strong wings flapping and left the roof toward the deep blue sky. First they spread individually all around, then they joined together like a pack and went higher and higher. Kind of joy and relaxation came upon him while he chased the bird in the heart of the sky.

At afternoon one after another the flyers returned and he guided any comers to the loft. They were exhausted, thirsty and hungry. He waited until the last one land and got in the loft. Now they could receive water and food and some encouragement words as additional care for their seven hours average flight.

While finished the pigeons feeding and closed the loft door; he heard a sharp vooz-vooz sound passed quickly above his head. He took a quick look. Nothing was up there. He approached to stair ways to leave the roof. Again another sharp vooz-vooz of wing beats cut the air and a quick dark shadow passed from the roof. He took another look to the late afternoon gray sky. Nothing was there, but his heart beat got fast unconsciously. Suddenly same sound heard again and this time it changed to strong recognizable flapping sound. It was a pigeon wing beat sound. He though it was one of the flyers which still flying, but it didn't. Finally he found the bird in sky and watched him carefully. It was hard to recognize the color of the bird at that time of the day, but the style of this stranger's wing motions did not look like one of that day seven hours flyers. This pigeon was flapping his wings strongly with passionate thumbing on the top of the roof. Look liked happy, just like pigeons find their loft after long absence.

The pigeon reduced the flight elevation, made its flying circles smaller and smaller and got closer to the top of the roof. One more turn and the bird land on the pick of the porch at the corner of the loft, the favorite landing place of Wander. He could not believe what he was watching. He went closer slowly. His heart bit got faster. He focused his eyes to recognize and be sure about what he was watching. The bird took a look at him. Their eyes found each other in darkness. It was Wander. Both master and bird where happy to see each other again.

He approached to the door of the loft. While he captured his breath in his chest, opened the door very gently and let the Wander see inside the loft and other fellows. Wander took a smooth jump and got in to the loft. He took a look at his mate, and sang a passionate bag-bagoo song to tell her he was back. The guy took the Wander gently in his hand, kissed him and said some missing words then let him to enjoy the plenty of tasty seeds available for him. He stayed there until Wander finished his food and jumped on the porch beside his beloved mate. Their beaks attached as a lovely kiss and both became relax and comfortable. Wander was home. There was no other grate happiness for the guy in the world.

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