Eternel Never Dies

by Linda Zeberlein

Eternal Love Never DiesThe tears fall down his face slowly and drops to the stone he kneels at. Memoeries of a time past turns his tears into sobs. The wound opens once againasking the same question "WHY!?!" It all comes flooding back as if it were yesterday. Memories flood him like roaring wave. Crashing down on him and holding him under. He cannot breathe. The wanting and missing her, the pain of his grief over takes him. He looks toward Heaven torn between living with the heartache for the death of a lost love or moving ahead with the living of a new love. Thinking of what could have been. His shoulders slump forward with the heaviness that of his burdens. Torment and greif over take him. What he wouldn't do or give to get it all back again. His tears,his pain,wanting,and longing for something had never to have again. The tears fall faster the sobs grow louder. Anger,Blame,Resentment surround him and rise up toward the Heavens. He laysthe flowers across her stone not wanting to leave her. He knows there is another waiting for him but he can't tear himself away from the one who is gone to go to the one who is waiting the one who now fills his world with love.She stands on the roadside waiting and watching the man she loves. She watches as he slowly looks up and sees her standing there, the other that has caputured his heart. She feels his pain and confusion. She waits arms out stretched to him. Wanting and hoping her love will heal the opened wounds of his heart. To heal it completely so that it will never hurt again. To dry his tears so he will never cry again. To hold him til his sobs subside. To bear his pain so that he will never have to again. To fill the gap in his heart and his life that has been made empty from grief. She watches as he looks down and then back up to her. Here she stands alive,blood pumping thru her viens ready to give him all her love. Her heart. Her soul. Her life. She watches as he looks back down at the flowers he has just laid. As he looks back up she holds out her arms once again to the man she loves so deeply,the man who holds her dreams and future in her heart. He looks down at the stone,the name of a lost love that lies beneath it,the flowers. He is frozen in time. Lost in the memories a love of long ago. He looks back up once more to the woman on the other side of the road. Which path does he choose? The love of the living? Or the love of the dead?She stands where the man she loves stood just moments ago. The tears fall softly down her face to the stone before her. Her heart is breaking,but not from grief. She lifts her eyes to the Heavens to ask the question over and over again. Just as he did moments before. Only with a new meaning. "Why?" She wants to understand. Her tears turn to sobs as her heartache opens to the pain she feels. She is angry,jealous,resentful. She knows this is wrong but the pain of love she feels clouds her thoughts. She prays for peace,she prays for help. But most of all she prays for under standing. She talks to nmae on the stone she is staring at. Someone she does not know. She tells her of the love she has for a man who wants another. She tells her she cannot fight a ghost. She looks down at the flowers he has laid there knowing all to well his thoughts as he did so. She looks up with tears in her eyes only to see confusion all around her.He is standing on the roadside watching as the woman that has captured his heart. Wanting so much to wrap his arms around her and mend her breaking heart. To dry her tears. He knows her love for him is strong and deep. But he is pulled in two different directions. His love is also strong and deep. He is torn between two loves. One from long ago never to return. One that is here now to share a future. Two different but yet the same. Guilt,loyalty,love,and pain. He can see her tears,he can feel her pain. He cannot move. He is torn between the living and the dead. Which path will he choose? In his heart he knows he can't have both. As he watches her he sees her body shake with the sobs as she crys. She knows. Her eyes look up. She looks back down to the flowers he laid there. She looks back up again. She knows. It's as though she can see thru his soul and his heart. She knows. And whats worse is he knows she does. What path does he choose? The tears fall from his eyes. She knows.

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