by Sonia Cheug

Dreams are of what we are made of .

From lust and love , hopes and wishes .

Closed eyes , relaxed bodies and a hearing ourselves declare impossible words .

Former friends and lovers revisit us through secret door traps and transport us , through mysterious time portals .

To a time and place when everything was simple .

Disagreements are resolved and friendships are rekindled .

Muisc is played through the nation .

Every race , relgion and gender are reuinted in glorious comradery .

Love re-opends our eyes and reprogrames our minds .

Without it , there is no inspiraion or hope .

Inspiration is flying , when we need it the most .

Hope is stepping out onto your door step . With a worldful of opportunities , all laid out infront of you .

Dreams feel like magical fairy lights at christmas time .

With bright and luminous colours , reflecting on the walls and ceiling .

Silvery and gold pieces of tinsle , wrapped around one's head like a special prince or princess .

Immortal beings , mystical creatures , wizards and witches .

Little fairies spray beautifull pixie dust and sing sweet melodies .

Dragons , unicorns and beloved cherubs, guide us through endless fields of gold .

Dreams are here to offer us guidance , protection and comfort .

For without them ...

I , he , she , it , you , they and we . Would not be able to survive .

Dreams bestow salvation , hope and the need to be loved .

The End .

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