A Story

by Evgenia


Little Bobby was writing a composition. It was about one book, he had just read from cover to cover. It`s title was " Adventures of Robinson Cruso". The book impressed him greatly,

he was held in suspense until the last page. And then he could sit for hours admiring a wonderful book jacket.That book enriched his outlook for he had acquired some knowledge. It was easy to read thanks to the clearity of presentation. And then Bobby was trying to write a composition calling for his imagination, trying to make some conclusion.He scribbled something

in his copybook, but there was something, that prevented him from writing the whole story. He

couldn`t convey his message. There was some handicap...Bobby was sleepy...


Rosy was doing her usual work. Suddenly she felt an extreme fatigue both of body and mind. She appealed to her working capacity, but in vain. She was trying to continue the work ,

but the exhaustion succeeded and made her take to her bed. She was recollecting her life, full

of hazards and ordeals. Being young, she spent several years traveling around Europe. She was

twice a widow. Her appearance, once appealing for everybody, faded. Rosy`s third husband fell out of love with her, but didn`t have enough courage to confess it. That`s why he kept his own

counsel. Rosy couldn`t realize , what had happened to her. Why was she thinking about that?

As a rule she was as hard as nails. Nothing could unsettle her...


Mr Prosperity was driving to his office in the City to conclude a deal with Mr N. Mr Prosperity was a man with an acute sense of business. He always knew, from where the wind was blowing, he was able to have a benefit from any situation. He often used schemes and subterfuges, however his actions were withing the bounds of law. A contented grin appeared on his face. He thought: "That`s true! I take hazards from time to time. But not in vain! I can always extricate myself. Fortunately, I don`t belong to those persons with whom nothing by

any chance goes right." That very second he felt an acute frustration. What was the sense of being prosperous? He was no longer young. He had a plenty of money but no family. Nobody loved him as he was regarded a callous person. People believed , that nothing could wing his heart-strings...Suddenly his eyes were opened. He became acutely conscious that he had wasted his life. He stopped his car and couldn`t persuade himself to continue his way to the office...


The Devil was speaking to the God:" Humanity...Once everything will be finished and will never endure." The God told: " I wish people didn`t scheme and pretend. You are right:

everything will be finished sooner or later. I just want

people to live today. There is only today for yesterday is in the past and tomorrow may come and it may not. Today even the most undecisive persons can take hazards. Today people do not have to persuade somebody to do what he doesn`t want. Today people can`t say: " I

need you", if they fell out of love. Today a man can`t

pass by when somebody appeals for his help." The Devil

grined: " Today people can enjoy their lives to their hearts` content..."

The God interrupted him:" Today people may be less skeptical and more open. Today is the time to make conclusions people always try to put off. " The Devil continued:" Today everybody does what he has a mind to do. Today nobody needs to keep his own counsel if he

is not apt to." People think they know everything, but today they can`t anticipate what will happen." The Devil`s look was contented and he rubbed his hands with pleasure.

" People think they can`t know the plot of their lives, but in fact everything depends upon them. Today I`ll give a chance to all the people to skim through the books of their lives, recollect the sequence of events and make new judgements. Today people can do more than during the whole previous life", told the God.

The Devil consulted his watch and said:"What if in several hours our planet will be commited to fire?.." The Devil`s eyes lit up and his voice became ingratiating:"And that`s all...There is only today..."

The God`s eyes filled with tears and his voice trembled. On a sudden he repeated:" Yes, there is only today..."


Little Bobby gaped and then exclaimed:"I `ve got an idea! I know what I`ll write about!I`m

content to write down my thoughts!"


Rosy signed:" What a tiring day!" In several minutes she felt better. She was in possession of her senses and continued her work. She comforted herself that once she would be happy.


Mr Prosperity made himself continue his way to the office. He was about to enter the building when he heard a voice of a little begger, appealing for him. Mr Prosperity hesitated for a moment and gave the boy 50 dollars.Boy`s eyes widened with surprise, and Mr Prosperity smiled for the first time during several last years... Mr Prosperity looked above. It was snowing.Snowflakes seemed to whirl in a strange way. Mr Prosperity was thinking about the future business deal and about the begger at the same time. He looked at the sky again and saw one thing he hadn`t noticed at once: some snowflakes were white and some were black. They were trying to fight down each other...

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