The Crying

by Sonia Cheug

I can't breath without you .

My oxygen has died and air has replaced it.

Air is intolerable and is like fluid .

I am suffocating in my own pain and silence is the loudest noise.

Your voice is leaving me every day and my own words are disintigrating.

Our memories . Mean nothing anymore . They are just there , on a frequent basis .

For me to stare at in the mirror and to fall through the floore .

Hunger and thirst have been replaced by absence .

Water is rock hard and dehydrating .

Sleeping is heartbraking .

Dreams are like nightmares and nightmares are like dreams .

All my senses are now crucifixion and methodical .

I can't think , focus or concentrate .

My vision is evaporating and my hearing is drowning .

People are everywhere but I can't see them .

I only see you . And you . You are no longer here , with me .

Anymore ...

The End .

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