My Garden

by Sonia Cheug

My garden is a haven of phenomenal and surreal pleasures .

Where nothing makes sense and logic is replaced with questions .

Everything is turned inside out , back to front and upside down .

The weather changes every second , every minute and every hour of the day .

A typhoon 9 will turn into a dazzling rainbow . Cloudy moments , linger for years and suddenly a sun will come up and clear everything up in an instant .

Colours strangely blend into each other , in an unsual way .

Like fowl browns , black and greys . Mixed with serene blues , pinks and reds .

Trees will grow all the way upto the sky.

Strangely bitter , looking fruits , taste devinely sweet .

The grass is fresh and moist.

Animals learn how to settle the differences .

Beasts forgive themselves and the small , fragile creatures they preyed upon .

Crocodiles , great white sharks and anaconda snakes . Loose their appetite for distruction.

Birds teach fish how to fly .

Cat and dogs eat , sleep and play with each other .

Zebras free themselves, from their prison stripes .

And spiders , no longer weave their webs of deceit .

In the very far distance of my garden . You will see a huge damn .

You spend 40 days and 40 nights , walking towards it .

Tired and confused , you will eventually reach it .

You will now find a strong axe and begin to break the damn down .

Bit my bit , it breaks away and reveals a gigantic , running tap .

Where a waterfall is free flowing with inspiration , spirituality and freedom.

It free falls naturally , into an open ocean .

Stretching out into the neverending , infinty of the universe.

Welcome to my garden ...

The End .

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