Life Is Treasure

by Sonia Cheug

Hello is the beginning .

Beginning is an adventure .

Adventure is a challenge .

Challenge is scary .

Scary is afraid .

Afriad is lack of communication .

Communication is the key to all people .

Numbers are as simple as 1 , 2 ,3 .

1,2,3 are like abc .

Abc is words .

Words are like pictures .

Pictures are like memories .

Memories are never forgoton .

Goodbye is final .

Final is moved on and in the past .

Past is not the present .

Present is there for taking .

Taking is not giving .

Giving is kind .

Kind is caring .

Caring is warm .

Warm is like fire .

Fire is like flames .

Flames can be washed out with water .

Water is cold .

Cold is harsh .

Harsh is bitter .

Bitter can be over ruled by love .

Love is the future .

Future is a the unknown .

Fast is impulsive.

Impulsive is not slow .

Slow is not achieving .

Not achieving turns into regrets .

Regrets carry on living .

Living is breathing .

Breathing is air .

Air is flying .

Flying is like birds .

Birds are free.

Free swims like dolphins .

Dolphins are mamals .

Mamals , fish, insects , reptiles and birds need water .

Water goes upto the sky and falls back down to the ground .

What goes up , must come down .

What goes around , come around .

Cause is followed by effect.

Everything , happends for a reason in life .

Life is precious .

Precious is gold .

Gold is TREASURE .

The End

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