I wake up every day in a bed , next to a man I do not love .

I am turning into someone , I don't know anymore .

I am braking and falling fast from the sky .

Crashing down to the hard ground , made of concrete .

I have lost myself again .

I close the door and turn off the lights.

I huddle into a tight corner of the room and slowily sink from the wall to the floore .

I cross my legs and run my hands upto my messy hair .

Sliding them down , to my cover my eyes and face.

The darkness is reasurring .

Drowning out pressures , expectations , people and noise .

I spend six days in this place .

I cant see a way out .

The seventh day arrives .

I am fragile and asleep .

Suddenly , in this place of darkness .

A glimer of light , simers through the creek of the rusty door

I am awoken .

The door handle , turns very slowily and door opends .

A bright white light , washes its way into the blackness and a shadow appears .

My eyes are blinded by the unexpected light .

The shadow enters the room and stands infront of me .

He reaches out for my hands and slowily pulls me up , towards him .

He wraps a warm blanket around my cold , fragile and naked body .

He lifts me up into his safe arms and kisses my forhead .

I wrap my arms around his gracefull neck and bury my head into it .

He carries me out slowily into the light .

And NEVER , EVER . Lets go of me .

The End .

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