The Enchanted Girl and Her Guardian Angel

by Sonia Cheug

The enchanted girl , lives a disorientated life .

She is ; Fascinating , impulsive , emotional and a deep thinker .

Her brain is like her scattered bedroom .

It is absolutely mind blowing and will leave you speachless .

She has ; Hidden secrets , buried regrets , random thoughts and lightning , flas back memories .

The enchanted girl , is overwhelmed with art , music and heart filled words .

She is in love with her guardian angel , who is spectacularly beutifull and nameless .

He has brown locks of long , dark brown hair and eyes as clear ,

as the cleanest ocean .

He shines up the sky with golden , white honesty and leads the enchanted girl , up the highest moutains and through the thickest , dark swamps .

He kisses her forehead , her eyes lids and her soft , sweet lips .

And leads her back home , so he can watch over her .

Whilst she dreams of love and inspiration .

The End .

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