Just the Two of Us

by Sonia Cheug

Just the two of us and no body else around .

Lying in his arms and sitting on a blanket , on a warm summers day .

With his chin leaning on my right shoulder and reading to me .

His hair is a dusty blond colour and touseled .

I like to run my hands through his curly hair and kiss his forhead .

His eyes are a clear and brown , like huge puppy dog eyes .

He smells like a fresh lemon , with a zest , for life and his skin is smooth and belongs to me .

We talk about all sorts . Smart and silly things .

You name it . We cover abolsutely every subject and come back a to it again .

Its like , we know what the other one is thinking and about to say .

Bedroom banter is the best . When we are both so tired , that none of us can sleep .

We talk about rubbish .

Which actually does make some kind of sense at 2 am in the morning !

Or get so giggly , like a couple of school girls.

Who can not stop laughing , no matter how hard they try .

He is every single ice cream .

Rolled into one deliciously , wonderfull and mouth watering taste .

He is all the colours in the rainbow .

He is my sun , my moon and my stars .

He is how love should be .

The End .

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