The Beauiful Boy and the Beautiful Girl

by Sonia Cheug

The beautiful boy grabs the beautiful girl , by the hand .

Enemies and jealous lovers chase them , in hate and fury .

They run in unison , with their hair flying freely in the open wind .

Galloping through the golden sanded beaches , like a couple of wild horses .

Never looking back and facing foward.

Towards their future , where they can live as one .

They run through trecherous rain forests .

Swim all the oceans .

Climb the highest and steepest moutains .

They reach the very top of mount Everest .

Their bloodey past and near tragic future , is fastly approaching them .

The beautiful boy looks deeply into the beautiful girl's eyes .

They watch all the other moutains , jungles , beaches and deserts down below them .

And without a doubt .

He takes her firmly by the hand , as they jump off the very top of mount everest .

Flying as high as the stars , the planets , the moon and the sun .

Reaching their final place , of ever lasting love .

Living an eternity , with and for each other only .

The End

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