Fanshawe College

Zach can be described in a number of ways. First off, his artistic integrity and outgoing personality never go unnoticed and some people have described their time spent with him as a "true experience".

Zach has travelled all over the United States and has worked many jobs that have fuelled inspiration for his writings that always manage to carry a heavy message in a straightforward and direct fashion.

Zach grew up in East London, Ontario and has encountered many colorful characters and situations that have evidently shaped his perspective and character that reflect heavily in his writing.

He is currently attending Fanshawe College in London working towards a diploma in Journalism to further and fine-tune his god-given craft.

Zach has said that his writings are a critique of inner-city problems that he himself has pondered in-regards to his own upbringing.

His stories reflect and criticize the issues that plague the minds of adolescents and the everyday hedonism that they turn to as a result.

In essence, his diverse and versatile works are cautionary tales that challenge self-awareness and ultimately dive deep into a dark world filled with cynicism and pain.


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