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After writing the occasionalmagazine article since I was at school, I started full-length books after my retirement from business... plus a few short stories. I now have published 8 books and very about 100 short stories... See more of my work on Kindle.

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  • Looks like I will be reading this series for a while but I'm enjoying it.

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  • I can't wait to continue reading...

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  • From Kunal Samadder on ... Shadows...

    Hi Peter, ur work of 'Shadows' is undoubtedly awesome......
    I wish to share this poem in my facebook group....
    Hope you will allow me to do so....

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  • It seems that your experience of flying was really really a adventurous one and enjoyed a lot.

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  • Reminds me of the musings of an Anarchist.

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  • Very good work. I enjoyed this piece, and the tone of it.

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  • From d on ... Not Obvious...

    This is great.

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  • From sarojini pattayat on Time to Remember... Time to Forget...

    Time to remember...
    The first part of story creates interest to know whole story

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  • Very visual writing – In my mind, I can see the gypsy’s facial expression and the fair. Also, you gave a great description of the encounter with the great cat. There are a couple of minor punctuation errors, but nothing that detracts from the writing. I like that the story tracks a period of time without forcing events to a pre-determined ending. It flows naturally and lends itself to oral storytelling. Good job!

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