Nadiyah Abdul-Khaliq was born in Kansas City, Missouri, USA on a great winter's day in 1981. It was an easy pregnancy even easier birth. She has said to remember it like it was yesterday. First it was dark and warm, so very warm. Then there was light and cold. A woman in white smacked her. Several times. Hard. Smacked the shit out of her. She should have known then that the world was full of hard knocks and called it a day. But she held on to her youthful optimism and carried it like heavy wheelless luggage through the maze of life.

Since that fateful day in the delivery room, she has survived the mean streets of Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and California, each battleground leaving its own set of scars, memories, and allies. Once American reality hardened her backbone, she said farewell to Old Glory and hello to the Union Jack. While in that great city of Kingston Upon Thames, she learned all of the ways that art and business collide and cooperate. Also, English pudding and American pudding. Not the same thing.

When not roaming and writing, Nadiyah can be found in front on her computer, editing Blue Ships. The idea behind the bi-monthly e-zine project was to give little known artists a place to show their work. The art part is very vague on purpose. As it is art, the ideas of what that means are boundless. Does she publish stories, paintings, photography, plays, etc.? The answer is "Yes" to all. In fact, if you're reading this and need to a place to show off, please visit the site and send work.

When asked where she sees herself in five years, Nadiyah likes to give, not her five-year, but her six-year plan. It goes something like this; Teach for a year in Asia (Taiwan or S. Korea), teach for a year in Dubai, move to NYC for a year to begin the Ed. D., then teach for a year in S. America. She then likes to admit that she can't actually count. (Good thing she plans to open a school.)

She blogs, reads (everything) and writes, is a self-published author of two books, Color In The Dark, and 500 5-Minute Writing Exercises and is currently working on her life-long project The Demon Cleaner series. As she's completely hooked into The Matrix finding her is easy. Join her in blue-pill happiness on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Thanks for reading and please join her on the Death Star. The door is always open.


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