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  • Can you please email me at

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  • Very cool! Where did you find all of this family history?

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  • The author is a well informed person on historical politics as well as contemporary ones. He has admired to doing
    lengthy research. He as inter woven it with his opinions backed them up successfully..

  • From Mark Wynn on Mom and Cigarettes

    Thanks for reading.

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  • From Mark Wynn on A Coke by Any Other Name...

    Thank you...I think.

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  • From Julian Sturrock on A Coke by Any Other Name...

    Penultimate sentence: Interesting, insightful and more than just a little scary.

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  • A disturbing one. Had not read something like this in a while. Thank you for the story.

  • I am just bored, and displeased due lack of readership, for my own files: Original by Mark Wynn: "This was an experiment, after September 11th, to see, if I could quiet the non stop questions, gone pinging around in my head, for like 2 weeks. By the end of the stream of consciousness writing my take on life had changed. My view of the world changed. I can mark two epochs of my life, as many probably can, before, and after, September 11, but this paper helped me see the why. After realizing that I was making good points, I tried to edit it. Its still a lot to read, but it means too much to me, to delete and forget it. I will admit to venturing, unexpectedly, into some very unpopular ideas. Unpopular at the time, but far more excepted by now, like Zionism, as another form of racism and apartheid. My stream of questions, and answers, directly after 9/11, have stood the test of time and in many, many cases been proven 100% true."

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  • Yeah, and still we all are mortals, who one day will die. I had my overdose of blame on cigarettes, while every other drug went OK, as if harmless. And those cars & motorcycles, each pumping out a hundred cigarettes, per second, in pollution, they never were regulated. Flawed government, and flawed people, trapped in a world, within which all our corruption spawns consequences.

    The poem is nice, and the familial issue is cool. Dunno, if it is auto-biographic, so I don't add condolences.

  • Good one. I was just going through the latest list of, to find some people, who still frequent the site.