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I am a 67 year old. I have been writing for many years. I am religous so God comes out in most of my stories. I write both fiction and non-fiction. I write in hopes of teaching someone something new or helping someone.

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  • From Lydia Bowers on She Was a Good Mommy


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  • Your father did not really understand fatherhood. Two of the things you need to do is pray for and forgive him. Your mother was a really wonderful woman. I honestly also believe in Jesus Christ. I have been a follower of him since the age of nine years old. I regret to say I have not walked in his footsteps the vast majority of my sixty-two years on planet earth. "What would Jesus do?" Is an excellent way to govern our lives. Thank you for sharing your personal testimonial with the rest of us. God be with you and your loved ones!

  • Arnold Nelson is a beloved father figure to his beloved nieces. He faced numerous obstacles and challenges. His Christian's faith-filled life style helped his family to survive. Praise the Lord!

  • I recognize the true fiction story from the New Testament of the Holy Bible. It is wonderfully composed and is retelling an actual event. The death of Jesus Christ on Calvary's Cross! I give it and Arnold, five golden stars! May God richly continue addressing Arnold and his loved ones! Praise the LORD!

  • From Arnold Nelson on Unbelievable

    Wow. You really made my day. I am so glad my story was such a help to you. I am very happy to hear your daughter did so well with the story. I told it to the children at my church a couple of weeks ago and I think it was one of my best children's talks.

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  • From aka Meryl on Unbelievable

    My daughter used this piece for her prose competition and made semi-finals at both state tournaments. It really touched us because my grandfather spoke to people we couldn't see and laughed and cried all day and passed away a few hours later. Was pretty cool to combine the emotion of the two experiences and make this a strong performance piece.

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  • From Sandy on Cataracts

    Sign me up - this sounds too easy.

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  • From Robin on Depression

    I'm glad you have family that loves you very much. We think of you often. Glad your living near family once again.

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  • A charming story, Arnold. Quite a fantasy, but heartfelt. It's worth it, though, to take the
    time to edit it. It's a bit sprawling in spots. (and Jesus' appearance was a bit jarring; in a good way, though).

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  • From Arnold Nelson on Daniel Boone

    Thank You very much for your comments.

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