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Anyone will tell you that I am not a writer. They are right. I am a copyist. I am a fraude. More than all, I am a player of words and ideas. I play and the result is enjoyment. I write for I. My writing is individually esoteric. My name is not Vivian. It is not Vivian Curtail. That is made up. In fact, no one will read this. So here I end the first entry in my online personal public journal. Signed, Adam Sodano

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  • From Johnny Crescent on Poems and Lijnes

    Supportive Filmmaking would like to make this poem into a short film. We have been having trouble contacting you, Nebo. I hope you see this comment and respond to us post-haste. Our email is We truly hope you continue your poetic expression. From all of us at Supportive Filmmaking,
    Johnny, Beth, Russ, Georgie, Kait, Gregory, and Kim-Li

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