My full name is Jennifer Read Beeson, but people usually call me Jen Or Jenny. I have been writing for nearly twelve years now and have had a few stories published on-line (Sleepwalking Through Time and Timestorm, to name two). I did actually submit a story titled That Night At Carlito's, but have lost it for some reason. It was about two mafia families who meet by chance at a Manhattan eaterie. The project I'm working on now is set in the year 2045 and takes place in and around The London college of paranormal and supernatural research. Music is very important to me and whenever I'm working on character development or simply making notes I listen to my favourites which include U2, Maroon Five, Train and The Killers. But books are my first real love and I enjoy the teen franchise market (Twilight Saga and The Hunger Games) as well as material from Nick Hornby and Jonathan Coe.


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