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  • I love this poem!!!

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  • From Azam on Hearts of Coins

    It's a very interesting poem look as poem based on someone's life full of imaginary, colourful pictures,

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  • From Jesse on Hearts of Coins

    I love it! Sad, sad, sad.

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  • Hey,
    Thanks for your comment Cleveland; I shall look into revising it soon. - Irem.

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  • From Cleveland on A Sprinkle of Magic Elixir

    It is an interesting poem full of images and colour. On that score you may be congratulated. However too much may overwhelm and theee arises the situation of 'more is less.' My suggestion might be to return to the poem and consider punctuation. Then edit line by line. Weigh up meaning and what is consistent and what is open for mis-interpretation. Avoid all that by knowing the real meaning of the poem.
    Good luck with the writing

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