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hi, I am just a beginner. Please feel free to comment and criticize.

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  • From Southern Cloud on A Butterfly in Chat Room

    thank you Roxanne...

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  • I recommend, Butterfly in the Chat Room, by Southern Cloud.
    I am highly interested in reading more of her work.

  • From Southern Cloud on At My Last Breath

    may be it sound bit old style of writing.... ;)

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  • From Southern Cloud on In His Arms

    Dear Danny,
    It is our wrong way of perceiving 'love'. No where it is mentioned in bible that 'love' is bad. Song of songs in fact was included because the romantic love is divine in its own nature. Even some of the saints were actually in love with Jesus. Love is actually a strong emotion with lots of dimensions and romantic love is one of the intense form of it. I doesn't want to give a flesh related meaning to it. It is more about a firm attachment. faith. understanding... isn't it? we all wish for that in 'love' right? flesh part is because we are of fact dust.... But we are something more than that... more than flesh... a divinity is inside all of us... we all wish for 'someone' who love us more than we do.... isn't it?

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  • From Danny C Hall on At My Last Breath

    So corny, no point , why ? When ? How do u make a connection with death when your dead .

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  • From Danny C Hall on In His Arms

    This is awful it diminished Christ , and the story was written by a third grader

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  • Southern Cloud told us a romantic fictional story between Jesus Christ an an unknown women. Jesus Christ loved her and touched her heart. What did the world around her do because of her self less love for the crucified Jesus Christ. "They kept judging and punishing her. But she was in his arms." Southern Cloud's short romantic Christian story was well written. Whenever she cried, she sent him flowers, red roses. As a fellow believer and follower of Jesus Christ, I am really looking foreword to reading more of her submissions on Short Story. net