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I have recently rediscovered this website after about three years. I entered my name both on Google and Yahoo. I have been published in various print anthologies. I currently have several active on line accounts, which I highly recommend. Roxanne Dubarry

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  • Justification in bad habits such as alcoholism only serves to deceive him/her. It doesn't involve spiritual help nor involvement. It does not make it go away and the addiction only grows stronger with the passage of time.

  • The author is a well informed person on historical politics as well as contemporary ones. He has admired to doing
    lengthy research. He as inter woven it with his opinions backed them up successfully..

  • It is a remarkable tale play clearing composed by a professional writer. It rightfully deserves publication in hard copy as well.

  • If anyone wants to start taking LSD or other mind alternating drugs, he or she, needs to read your dramatic short story!

  • Mark, thank you for sharing your interesting short story with the rest of us!

  • Watching a child grow up, and be killed as a young man is indeed heart breaking. Unfortunately incidents like this fictitious story,"Watching Eyes," seems to be happening more often. Our hopes and prayers are with the friends and families of the victims.

  • Incest is very painfully when a father rapes his own daughter. In the last days men will be without natural affection really does apply here!

  • I recommend, Butterfly in the Chat Room, by Southern Cloud.
    I am highly interested in reading more of her work.

  • Southern Cloud told us a romantic fictional story between Jesus Christ an an unknown women. Jesus Christ loved her and touched her heart. What did the world around her do because of her self less love for the crucified Jesus Christ. "They kept judging and punishing her. But she was in his arms." Southern Cloud's short romantic Christian story was well written. Whenever she cried, she sent him flowers, red roses. As a fellow believer and follower of Jesus Christ, I am really looking foreword to reading more of her submissions on Short Story. net

  • People should not take advantage of other people especially by taking their last $20.00 from them.