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I'm a liar and a fantasist. Just so you know.

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  • From Julian Sturrock on 2017-07-26 the Streak

    Thanks... your comment reminds me of Emo Philips who said: "You don't pray to God for something... you steal it and then pray for forgiveness!"

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  • Substitute any bad behavior and you have the classic “it’s better asking for forgiveness than asking for permission” duality. Loved it.

  • From Julian Sturrock on 2009-04-14 Suicide

    Thank you. Someone once commented before that I had a similar style to Hemingway - I was very flattered. Ambrose Bierce I know little about. To be honest I don't think I'm that good a writer, but I guess I have my moments. Thanks again.

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  • It was alright. Maybe looking into Ernest Hemingway and Ambrose Bierce could help develop that sense of tension and compulsion to make your writing more powerful. Thank you for the piece.

  • Thank you.

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  • An existential piece with simple writing that shows a character who is young and exploring the world. Young yet mature, expressed by the ending sentence. Nice one.

  • From Julian Sturrock on 2009-08-05 the Vampire

    Thanks for the feedback Andre. The story is based upon a dream and when I analysed it I realized that the subconscious was really attempting to draw my attention to, perhaps the uncomfortable, notion that all I was was a dream in the mind of God.

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  • I liked it, though the third part was less entertaining. Still an interesting minimalism.

  • From Julian Sturrock on 2009-06-15 Brief Encounter

    Thanks for commenting gerryonbroadway - always good to get feedback. This was originally meant to be the opening chapter of a memoir titled: Moody Fragments of a Broken Heart Interposed Between Two Dreams. I did write it but wasn't satisfied with it and haven't got back to re-doing. Maybe I should.

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  • Not more to add in this tender moment except a few more details and a smoother first sentence. Better defined and this would be what Flash Fiction is all about.

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