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  • I liked it, though the third part was less entertaining. Still an interesting minimalism.

  • At least not another vampire academy. I enjoyed reading it.

    Not rated
  • Good, but could really benefit from running it through grammarly dot com, or proofreadbot dot com or typely dot com.

  • I think that is a sign of the times. When young we learn to get a job, and that keeping a job demands more, on the vanilla side it already means arranging your private affairs in tune with the work-shift. And now that capitalism enforces billions of adult people 'swallowing' underpaid jobs to make a living: More and more people simply realized that such is not worth the efforts it takes.

  • "No, I am not a fag. I detest those fuckers, but I guess they are ok as long as they dont wanna stick their cocks in my ass or mouth. Back to my thinking. Sorry for getting off on those gay people."

    Can't say gay people ever apologized for their misbehavior, or for the diseases they spread. Not any authors fault that the overdose of public pestering with #LGBTQ can cause headaches and rejection.

    Not rated
  • "The just after college past, when dreams and ideals still held sway over greed and arrogance. " - Was the punchline I found most proper.

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  • "It's not living, but it is what remains of my life." - A breach in capitalist thinking, survivors blocked from sufficient money to rebuild a life only get another bonus-reason to turn against the system.

    Nice idea, though a bit lengthy on its way to the middle. Well, we can't all just cheer 'Rick' from the Walking Dead... And it is nice you mention practice, so many miss their life by lying, or being seated, in front of a TV screen.

  • Heroic loony saves small town from animal-harming teenagers.

  • It weakens a bit due being a narration & cautionary tale hybrid. Otherwise I liked the movie Frailty, within which one in the family killed for God, but the unbelieving brother became a serial killer due merely observing, but not understanding it.

  • Certainly among the better stories. Thanks for sharing.