About 25 years ago I started writing poetry for my wife Lisa.

Then for special occasions: Valentines Day, Birthdays and such. Then about 5 years later I started working for the school district here in Concord, Ca. I started as a P.M Custodian working nights. I did this for about 7 years then I got a promotion to become a Head Custodian for an Elementary School. I started writing poetry for teachers, for retirees, and writing poems for different places for businesses. I wrote a poem to the makers of Snapple tea and received 32, 24 oz. drinks. Then I wrote a poem for a place called the Jungle where kids can be set free to play in a two story building with big tubes. They crawl and slide thru these tubes and get tired out. They gave me 24 free passes that I gave to the schools P.T.A. The principal of the school told me I should write a book from all my poems and put in our school library. So I did. Title: Modern Poetry. I made the cover and everything myself; it went thru the district for processing and passed. All books had to be checked for bad words and such by 4 different people. From this book I started to write riddles for children, after I made up a lot I would read to some classrooms and would test them out. From kindergarten on up, Kid's loved the riddles. I made my first riddle book. The what Am I? Book riddles based on thing at school, on a farm, and at the zoo.

I would read in the class rooms and children would laugh and giggle over my riddles and I didn't even have illustrations yet. This is when I wanted to be a writer of children's books. Then I wrote Rockets over California, about Model Rocketry. And then I caught a hummingbird in a class room and wrote a story on that. Hummer the hummingbird.

I then wrote my best book based on D.A.R.E Education. Title: Bill's P.R.I.D.E. The P.R.I.D.E stands for public relations in dare education. It's to help kid's ages 9 on up to never try tobacco.

A few years later, I went to another school. I stopped writing. After 2 years I seen a parent at a store and she asked if I wrote any more books? Told her no, I stopped altogether. Told her about my situation and she said, I should get my own web site to post them on. I then hired a college Student to make one up for me. For the 2 years of not writing I got a few hobbies with my children. I got into R/C airplanes, and did a lot of fishing. By the 3rd year I got around this subject kind of, by volunteering to read at daycares after hours and by giving my books to teachers. From here I wrote a few more other books. 1 about a family of robins: The Nest That Could Fly. And the other: the What Am I? Bugs A part two to the first what am I? Book I met a parent at my school one of the P.T.A people who was doing posters for my school carnival, and asked her if she could do illustrations of my book? She agreed to do. It took her many months to complete as she has 6 children and was always very busy.

This was about 3 years ago now. I then signed up for to get some feed back and got a lot of good responses, and then I published my first book. The what am I? Riddle book, I went thru a company called to convert word document into PDF file. Mrs. Dianne Carter of the company wanted to do illustrations and I told her she could do the next book. I let her do the bug book and was so happy about let her do the nest that could fly. In 2005 got on T.V on Comcast Spot Light-CNN, and then . And I got invited to WEB-zine in San Francisco to do a book signing. My 3rd one, my 1st one was at the schools day care, then one at my school after hours. I decided to help from my profits from my books to help out the following places. My schools day care, my schools P.T.A, my sons school P.T.A, and my daughters schools P.T.A. as far as the nest that could fly? I'm helping out Cub Scout Pack #309. Then I had another book signing at the day care- 4th one. Then I got invited to a private pool club out of town for a book reading and a book signing after wards. They found me by Google searching my name. This was June 30th, 2008. I've read my books at local day cares after hours many times and I enjoy it very much. It's a very slow process of getting out as a child author and a lot of time doing it. I don't mind adults reviewing my work; I like to hear from children to. I receive many from children who translate to their parents who type out.

My last story I wrote is called-The Bat That Visited Our School. I've been a school custodian for 20 years now, and I have another 19 years to go before I retire. And in between these long years ahead many more books.

Sincerely, William sawyers

"Daring To Make a Difference in Today's Youth-One Page at a Time"

My last words here to you all trying to get out as a writer of any type? Never give up!!!

Doing book readings and book signings are very, very fun and makes all the waiting very well worth it. Go ahead and read some free stories on this site.

My published books could be purchased at and the nest that could fly at .


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