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AMD's received comments

  • From AnneMarie Donahue on Underneath

    Hey! I hate to be the crazy stalker person, but my name is AMD too! I also really like to swear as well, and after reading your story I've realized that you like swearing.
    I just had to email you. When I saw your post I freaked out thinking I had posted it.
    Okay, funny small world.

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  • From LeRoy Bohrer on Underneath

    Underneath, the story by AMD was very good, I thought. The auther made a fine story out of a simple little thing like an injured fingernail.

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  • From Hayley Mcintosh on Underneath

    It was really really good but too much swearing for me :)

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  • From Ax on Underneath

    I really think you have potential to be a great horror author, and was wondering if you wanted to be one of the first horror authors to submit a work of fiction to my new site evertohorror.terapad.comI've no doubt that you will receive recognition for your works and the feedback will be more useful, as we only accept Horror Stories.Please consider it,

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  • From Denise Lane on Underneath

    Man. . . that was really great, edge of your seat, can't take your eyes off the page stuff! Enjoyed it a lot.

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  • From Stony Robin on Underneath

    Wow, that was great. You have alot of skill.

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