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  • From Christina Spencer on A Lesson in Rough Justice

    This story is amazing it's a fable ... and it reminds me of a film with Michael Cane - err ... was it Mr Brown??? not sure...but really well written, very descriptive and very emotive. Whats next??? A screen play?

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  • From Andrew Parker on The Clarinettist

    A huge thank you to all that have added comments for this story. I have been trying for months to add more but the doesn't seem to want to play ball.

    I actually thought it might have ceased operating until I received an email out of the blue saying that some changes had been made to the site and that another comment had been added - thanks Tina, it means a lot!

    I will keep trying from time to time but if any of the administrators happen to read this - there are some problems with the site. The last comment was added in February this year but has only just appeared and adding new stories seems to be a futile effort.

    Thanks to all

    Andy Parker

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  • From TINA BARKER on The Clarinettist

    Wow! Andrew,
    I've just found this...
    Unreal,I was gripped. What depth.
    How long I've I known you, and not realised you could write something like this. How /why have you hidden such a talent for so long? I hope you are putting pen to paper often, and getting it out there.This is excellent work, and well deserving of being published.I was quite overwhelmed reading it, and very proud of you.
    I can't wait to see you and chat to you about it when I come home in August. I'm Looking forward to reading more of your work.

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  • From John Pellowe on The Clarinettist

    Pobably one of the best short stories on this site. Detail excellent, continuity excellent, buid up to crescendo excellent.
    I would have liked to read even more, and feel that another couple of hundred words would have added to my enjoyment. For once a short story that IS a short story. I am tired of the apparent requirement that "short" must mean up to four or five hundred words. Thank you for the pleasure of reading a story in good english for a change.

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  • From Andrew Parker on The Clarinettist

    My heartfelt thanks to the twopeople who left positive comments. I can only apologise for taking so long to reply with my gratitude.

    It would be hard to find the words to explain the amount of lift these sort of comments can place beneath a person's wings!

    Thank you again and I will be posting more soon.

    BTW - I believe that I have sold this story! Another complete surprise and massive ego boost.

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  • From William E. Brewer on The Clarinettist

    Absolutely superb. Beautifully written. It had me gripped from beginning to end: the description, the flow, the compelling emotion. Congratulations.

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  • From lorafay on The Clarinettist

    Wow! Amazing story...made me hurt though.

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