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Jacqueline M. Yohe, ASCAP, born in Wheeling, West Virginia, considers the world her home. She was raised in a Catholic orphanage, lived in Japan among other places, and traveled to Korea where she adopted her Korean daughter. She is a composer of music, including rap, country western, big band, jazz, and introduction to classical music for children. She is also an actress, singer, poet, published author, jazz booking agent, and world traveler (and she says, plus office skills). Her poetry and essays reach all generations and cultures. Her message speaks clearly -- regardless of the pain, we are all free to be. She has been signed by a literary agency, and has just been signed by a Paramount, in Nashville, TN, for her song "Soul on Soles." Visit her at her website www.jyohe.com

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  • From LeRoy on My Diversity Story

    Mother Rapper, I really enjoyed reading your story. You've done a number of diffeent things in your life, and you appear to be good at all of them.

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  • This was a funny, and probably an embarrassing situation.

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  • From mark on Now I Lay Me

    Funny. I liked it - very cute!

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  • From J.C McElheny on Now I Lay Me

    Seemed a little forced at times, maybe you used just one more word than you needed on a few occasions, but it flowed well for the most part.

    Very good overall. Made me laugh, and now I can't stop thinking about chocolate cake, dang it! :)

    Good job.

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  • funny, but more like a joke than a story

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  • From Lucas Hammes on Now I Lay Me

    This is THE history!!!
    She have two good things (very good things), humour and chocolate!!!
    Humour and chocolate it's a strange combination, but is the the perfect combination!

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  • From Rafael on Now I Lay Me

    Very creative the text hahahaha
    I agree whit you says and I say?
    I too love chocolate
    Nothing as Hershey.

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  • From Charles on Now I Lay Me

    This poem is one of the bests I've ever read! The person is praying before he/she falls on sleep and is imploring the Lord to give him/her sweets. It is really funny.

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  • From andre on Now I Lay Me

    This story is simply perfect!!!!! It is very funny, but now I am very hungry!!!!

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  • From Paula on Now I Lay Me

    This history is nice, because the person is dying and the person still want sweets.
    Only for more one day!!

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