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  • From tanushree banerjee on My Only True Love

    i know wats the pain of losing someone whome u truly loved even i had a lover whom i loved and who loved me very much but even hes not in world anymore, and he was,is and forever will be my one and only precious true love.so even if i dont want to smile i only smile for the sake of my love and my family. i love him.

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  • From Xubi Abdulrahman on My Only True Love

    Yeah very nice story I liked it

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  • From xawaa Abdulrahman on My Only True Love

    amazing! This is realy a wonderful and interesting love story ever read in my life time.
    I read 2 times last night and forgo writing my reseach. I was about to cry when Frank donated his heart to Emily becoz he has a true love 2 her sually i liked this story Manshalah

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  • From Orji Obianuju on My Only True Love

    O.M.G this story is one in a million, I enjoyed every bit of it. What a true definition of love

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  • From Marites Yagonia on My Only True Love

    Even if my work is so critical. I cannot leave just a second to wink. Want to continue reading. Thank you writer.

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  • From Madhan on My Only True Love

    Hi.. I am not the guy to stay in one place to read a huge story. but this story makes me to read the whole and it makes my eyes tears. Person who fell in love can feel this story..

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  • From xena on My Only True Love

    okay then! i realize it little bit!!! not really touching story! sorry! i dont like it either maybe you can still improve it like others authors!

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  • From mick mabano on My Only True Love

    Seriously, i am in aw; i enjoyed every seconds spent on reading this.
    Of all the books i hv read in my entire existence , this one comes second , right after the bible.
    Keep up good works. I have written other stories, i beg u to forward them to me

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  • From wolf on My Only True Love

    am not at all a person who likes to read long stories. i was looking for short stories when this came up. i read it and after when i looked at my watch, i realized i spent a considerable amount of time to finish it. i cant remember time running faster than that for me.

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  • From Maegan on My Only True Love

    OMG!!!!!! i've never ever said this but your story was the most amazing thing i've ever read!!!!!! and usually i never compliment people because i'm kinda concieted! but omg i almost cried! email me if u get this. seriously....u should get that published! and maybe invest in writing stories!

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