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  • From Narbonne on The Young Girl

    Nice but it would be improved (imo) if there were some sign of reciprocity on the male's part.

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  • From Avijit Sarkar on The Ghost

    Hi Sonia, This is a very well-crafted piece. I am the publisher of a free e-zine called The Mind Creative in Sydney (Australia). The magazine is not a commercial venture but has a wide readership. I was wondering if it is OK to print some of your works with due credit of course. Please let me know. Thanks.

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  • From farsya on The Arrogant Peacock


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  • From Patrick Riley on The Ghost

    Very poetic and well written. Great job! :)

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  • From J.C McElheny on I Miss You

    yeah, once again I find myself mostly agreeing with cleveland, but I would just take this section out:Sailing is without a sail, Running is without legs, Music is without instruments, Mirror is without reflection, and then I would play with the lines a bit to make it flow more cohesively, like... add bridges between talking about body parts and more intangible things, or splitting it up into stanzas and starting each one with 'I miss you like...' etc... but that is just what I think, do what you wish... good luck, sonia

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  • From J.C McElheny on Hide Me

    um... cleveland said it all... but I also want to add that it is your writing, do with it what you please, and poems are never finished, they are just abandoned. :P

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  • From K Jambulingam on We

    Excellet thought beautifully writen.Congratulations

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  • From J.C McElheny on The Call Centre

    very good. Almost peotic in its nonlinear path, but it all fit together. Good work.

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  • From Cleveland on Colours

    A good poem about colours. Where would we be without them?The Max L. test springs to mind as better than the Meyers Brett one.. As does the missing brown. Where would you place that? It's interestng that you classify gold as a colou yet it should be yellow.
    Best wishes

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  • From Cleveland on You

    Good poem but repetitive. You might introduce something to break up the first line. . Perhaps: ' To me' ...then continue with your 'you' for the first line.

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