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  • From Brian Smith on Past Forgotten

    I liked it. However, I thought some sentences were too short, and this disrupted story flow in places. Otherwise, the characters were good and I could clearly visualise their surroundings and behaviour. Good mental imagery. Good story layout that progressed nicely. Well done, Angela. Keep writing.

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  • From Ang on Past Forgotten

    This is one of the best stories I have read on this site. I love it. It makes me sad though.

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  • From Cornelius Hampton on Past Forgotten

    I loved the hell out of this story. The narrative kept me wanting to read more. But, I have a slight problem. I'm a stickler for a love story such as this. I actually wanted "James" to come back. However, him not coming back made a more dramatic ending. I felt it, and loved it.From Nobody

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  • From Cleveland on Past Forgotten

    You missed an opportunity to use 'fast' words to deepen the story. IMO
    I walked alone. As of late, I couldn't be around other people without thinking about him. IMO kick start your story with something like: As of late,I walked alone aware I thought only of him.Now I suggest some dialogue with a name so the reader knows who the 'I' is,etc
    Best wishes

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  • From Pat on Past Forgotten

    I love it how long have you been writing? Strong story.....Cheers Pat

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