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  • From By Any Other Name on Another Rainy Night

    Well done!

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  • From Jeremiah on The Smile-thief

    Great story. had me thinking it was him kinda early but still surprised me in the end. great dialogue.

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  • From William Schroeder on Haiku 1

    I did notice that. It made me giggle a bit. So, I answered back.

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  • From Becca on Haiku 1

    I enjoyed this poem
    Haiku's are my favorite
    keep up the good work

    (lol notice the comment haiku ^_^)

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  • From Randy on My Truck

    Everyone who has a truck, or any car for that matter has to like this one. While I was reading about the steering wheel noises it reminded me of my own steering noises. I also liked the connection you made between your father and the truck, reminds me of my Dad's old van.

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  • From Jerry Ferguson on Missed Exit

    Ironically, today I posted a poem/story about my fathers death experience also (By The Bed). My life with him was the opposite of yours but a father is a father no matter what the relationship. Very well done. My condolensces for your loss.

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  • From Nicholas J Jones on Untitled

    Wow, this filled me with flutters. I love the end ‘My morning lips won't have to taste
    The bitterness of being awake’ so beautiful

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  • From Sandy R on Get Well or Die Tryin'

    Death hurts....both to the one dying and the one left behind.......wordy but gets the point across.

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  • From Josider on Missed Exit

    I liked this one. You easily put the reader in your shoes and it came from the heart.

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  • From Josider on The Tell-tale Tag

    This was kind of hard to read and maybe a little over descriptive. It seems the story goes nowhere at times and I felt a little cheated at the end (maybe it was me) because the ending left me hanging, however, I thought it was a good concept.

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