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I was born in Louisiana, served in the USAF for four years, have lived in Texas since 1959. I began writing in 2002 after retiring. I have completed six manuscripts. Two are now in print, Houston Beast and Innocence Lost. One is an ebook, A Loup-Garou, at Judgment at John's Hollow will be released this year followed shortly by Growing Up.

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  • From Kat Jezell on Black Lace Dress

    I am just in love with your writing! This story is amazing...

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  • reall hot & horny love it!!

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  • From TK on Black Lace Dress

    Lovely Lionel. Always love reading your work :-)

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  • From Cleveland on Cajuns

    Cajuns is an interesting enough tale but many small changes need to be made to make this 'flow.'
    Start your story by naming Loui laVergne. It's easy to do so give that info to he reader before you describe Loui.
    Next consider how everything sounds to the reader. The internal 'voice' iswhat they hear.What do you imagine they hear? The correct voice is overpowered by the need to put down on paper what actualy happened to Louis.
    The use of 'had' dates the work.Everything has taken place and using 'had'makes it sound stale which it isn't.Can you appreciate my suggestion of modifying how you nfold the story. Ask around for the advice you need on this point.It's important.
    If I were ghost writing this book I'd throw away everything I had on paper and ask to be told what happened so I might make my own notes.With a clearer idea of what happened,in the whole story,I'd decide on the POV. My suggestion would be use of the first person.
    To see how it works check out a book called 'Lost', on on the NY best selers list for how telling a story of this nature works.Well worth the read by anybody.True story and riviting stuff.
    My advice is to keep writing but do consider what points I've raised and considerhow you might deal with them.

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