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  • From isadora cardozo dias on Bessie


    that's a great story, i love it!!
    congratulations for the author!!

    the cow is very funny!!

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  • From matheus on Bessie

    It's very funny story

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  • From Gustavo on Bessie

    Well, it's a very good history.I wish to have the same criativity that the author has.He Probably write stories for a long time.

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  • From paola on Bessie

    ahahah.so funny!very "creative".let me see.the farmer start talking to a cow,and they start and arguement,about presenting her to the world,(a speaking-cow),about her own show,and she says the money will go to her,and the farmer doesn't like that much,cause he thinks so the money will pay him,and he wishes he could have never met that "cow-median".

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  • From Tales Dala Vechia on Bessie

    The history talks about a cow that was not common because she speak like a normal man. She always fought with your farmer that did not intended to talk to anybody about she, but planned to take much money with the cow.

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  • From Luma on Bessie

    Well, I like this story very much. This was the first that I read and I thinked It's very cool.

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  • From andre on Bessie

    This is a good story,but the story do not have any emotion.Congratulations.

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  • From Charles on Bessie

    It's a very good story. I laughed a lot, because I was trying to imagine a cow that talks and requests a lot of things to its owner. And the funniest is that in the beginning the owner was thinking it would be easy to get money with that cow, but at the end he desires he'd never met it.

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  • From paulo on Bessie

    It is a good story. I liked the part where the cow requested things to the farmer.

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  • From alexandre on Bessie

    This is a very good story,very funny.

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