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Short-Story.Net is community run, for free. The software that runs this website is developed at no cost, albeit it costs me nothing to develop it, other than a little (read: a lot) of my time. Hosting costs prevail though, and this is one cost I can't get "for free". This site, therefore, is run completely out of my own pocket. Though in times of uncertainty, it's unclear if I can keep doing this.

We use Google Adsense to provide advertising around the website, and this is paid out based on the number of clicks each advertising unit receives, and the number of total impressions (displays) each unit gets. We have 3 main Adsense units - one at the top of the page, one on the right hand side, and one at the bottom of the page just above the footer/copyright notice. We understand that people like to use adblocking plugins in their browsers, and advertising can be seen as invasive (granted, some people use advertising a little too much, and I agree it can be off-putting). We don't stop you using the site if you use adblocking agents, but would ask if you would consider donating to us to help fund the upkeep of our website. As an upcoming authoring website, and becoming more and more popular as time goes on, our authors and readers will appreciate it!

Please consider helping out, to help keep us online. As much as you want, however little or large, is greatly appreciated. We have considered (and are still considering) rewarding our members who donate to our cause. Though as this version of the site's software is quite new, there is currently nothing in place to do this, nor have we thought up any "perks" donating members could have. If you have any ideas, post a suggestion using out contact us page with your suggestions.

Anyhow, enough of the drivel, here's the link!